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Infringement Of Government

by Dr. Tim G Williams

posted in News and Society

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The choices we all make during ones lifetime reflect our basic nature. Whether we choose to make the right and correct decisions are based on ones parental influence, education, and experience. The only way the government should become involved in our individual choices concerning private matters is in the educational experience that we all go through. This is done by using our tax dollars toward furnishing readily available, accessible, reliable, and quality educational opportunities for all Americans. The government should play no role in dictating or mandating laws or ordinances that directly infringe on an individuals right to make informed decisions about ones own welfare. A right of Choice. " We are all given by our creator certain inalienable rights Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness" Thomas Jefferson. To this day every human being has the innate ability to choose, make decisions, and to interpret information to determine ones actions.
The case of Roe vs Wade is a prime example of the infringement that government could impose on individuals if the present ruling is overturned. This is a decision between a woman, her family, and her God; not the governments. This is an individuals right to make a decision based on educational merit, their own life experiences, available technology, family concerns, and their faith.
What has occurred within the last half of the 20th century to today has been the United States Government in it's zeal to cover up their own misuse of tax payers money by passing laws that directly reflect the trend of our educational system has taken from the late 1960's to 2010. The United States went from being number one in producing students that were ranked first in math and science among all industrialized nations to now the United States is in the bottom tier of education among these same nations. Had we continued to be the leader in education like we were following World War II government intrusion on citizens rights would be far more less intrusive than we are today. A less Socialistic government would be now in place.
Another reason the United States has become more Socialistic has to do with our continued misinterpretation of Americas society by our elected officials. With the continuing squandering of tax revenue the laws that are passed clearly demonstrate the lack of propriety of an individuals right to choose and make informed and educated decisions. the United States government is still trying to increase it's influence on individuals right to chose based on current legislation that is now being discussed. Granted, the United States government needs to be involved in the publics best interest such as providing Universal Health Care, raising the debt ceiling and other laws that protect and ensure public safety but not to the point as to be so intrusive into each citizens own affairs.
Only when the citizens of the United States hold our elected officials accountable to the laws and the appropriation of tax revenue toward quality in education will the current trend of socialism that our own government has caused revert back to the ideology that was intended when our founding fathers penned the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This would also ensure that every American is given equal opportunities to obtain the education that is so necessary to make informed decisions that directly affect themselves, their family, and our whole society.
About the Author:
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