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Corruption Of Power

by Dr. Tim G Williams

posted in News and Society

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It has always been that the corruption of power wields the sword of injustice and mayhem. History has proven time and time again that all through-out the ages humanity has see horrific atrocities committed by those who have been corrupted by the power they hold. Now, as the world tumbles it's way toward another new year there are still haunting reminders of this summers past that have rekindled precious memories of those wondrous years of so long ago. So often in reflection not many are asked the questions that have to be answered. And, yet it seems that all through-out history humanity keeps rewriting it's own epitaph. But, somehow like Notre Dame football as of late mankind has found a way to survive to play for one more day.
With the multitudes fleeing their homelands each and every day, where mayhem and violence continues to display a wanton disregard for the sanctity of life has brought the world on notice that we still can't get it right. The malicious intent of many powers that be have only intensified this human travesty. Are leaders so dumbfounded that they can't see the light of reason, peace and harmony? What will it take to stop this calamity that is sending the world into a collision course with a pre set date for catastrophe?
Many can remember a time of not so long ago where a virtuous nation stood standing tall. But, as we entered a different age the stature of this nation has now been lowered, hunched over by the weight of so much corruption and debt. It is not any wonder now for those who are so inclined to ignite a furor of change to regain the benchmark that was established back not so long ago. Many have said that our nations debt is associated to the corruption of our basic founding principles. The great wealth of our country so little is disbursed as evident as we see in the harsh realities that so many face today.
The hard choices many make is testament to a power supreme. The financial troubles so many face can be traced back to pompous legislation that gave way to our financial institutions to finally have their way. It is not commonly known today that banks under Title II of the Dodd-Frank Bill has created a frightening new source for the corruption of power called the "Orderly Liquidation Authority." This bill lets the government liquidate (in other words, steal) your money in your accounts to make up for the debts the bank has taken out. Adding insult to injury ever since the new currency law that went into effect this past summer once you put your money in savings, checking and CD accounts the bank now has complete authority over how much you can withdraw. And, in fact they can garnish every last penny to make up the banks shortfalls for their bad investments. They will use your hard earned dollars without you even knowing anything about it until you try to use your own account. All this using the power granted by legislation using the reverse Robin Hood analogy where the Banks can't loose.
In Europe where economic matters are worse especially with the influx of migrants flowing in from Syria and North Africa has pushed much of Europe's financial markets poised on the verge of a complete meltdown. The recent and ongoing financial crisis in Greece, and now Spain have set the wheels in motion for more financial shock. As in the United States where major corporations and other businesses are hoarding cash; refusing to spend or invest the same things are happening all through-out Europe. According to Moody's, more than $1.1 trillion euros has already been hoarded by Europe's largest corporations. That's more than a 40% increase from 2008. What is so troubling is that with all the financial troubles Europe and the United States are having including astronomical amounts of debt a small group of individuals are becoming obscenely wealthy. That old saying the few rich get richer while the vast multitudes of poor get poorer is very evident in today world.
With the worlds financial markets in complete disarray compounding this monetary crisis in Europe and the United States one has to try to define this never ending conflict in the Mid-East. Understanding the complexities of what really is a violent struggle for more power and control is vital to securing a lasting peace. Using a radical approach to understanding our involvement in any conflict is to realize that it basically is a power struggle. We have to further understand that the power of one leader or nation may be the exact opposite of what other leaders or nations perceive as their own rendition of gaining power and control over another. What gives one leader a sense of power may not fulfill the requirements or ambition of another leader or another country. Different cultures have different definitions of power, but all power is the same in that it seeks to control people, whether economically, spiritually, or politically. When Sir John Acton stated "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely and great men are almost always bad men." he has been right all along. Go back in history many consider Genghis Khan, Napoleon and even Hitler as great men. So what we have today is the fact that the power struggles between leaders of countries and organizations have only continued being corrupt.
There are three major players on the world stage today Russia, China, and the United States, each one seeking to gain the upper hand in the power struggle of the 21st century. We have seen it all through-out history where leaders of nations vie for supremacy many a time using violent means to achieve their ends. World War II was a perfect example where Germany under Hitler used what ever force was needed to perpetrate his diabolical ends. Today, when defining power in the United States it is relative easy. In short, money equals power. Corporate trade, the accumulation of wealth and access to trading partners are key to U.S policy. Our national interests in effect, are the interests of the corporations. It is very evident in the way our government has favored the corporate world in ever piece of legislation regarding trade agreements form the past 30 years. Every one has dealt a death blow though for the American worker in favor of corporate financial gain. This, by shifting American jobs over seas for lower wage workers. Let's not forget the tax havens either for more corporate gain. Now, we can see the corruption that is stemming from the power that is wielded by our government leaders.
When we look to China whose currency is gaining momentum to replace the US dollar as the world's first currency sends a very clear picture of their own definition of power. And, when their currency displaces the US dollar and some predict it will happen very soon, American's financial situation will send shock waves all around the country and send this country into a economic catastrophe not seen since the 1930's.
Russia on the other hand is a little more complicated. While they value trade, 'national interests' are not defined solely by trade. Pride, protection of their own resources and influence within surrounding countries are just as important, if not more so. This differences are easy to understand. The U.S cares little of social policy or the state of democracy within the countries American corporations are in. And, in many cases you could argument that American Corporations really invaded foreign countries for their own self interest. Russia, on the other hand, is very concerned with maintaining culture and governing methods imposed. Many believe that the very nature of our assessment of power is only linked to what monetary gain corporations can achieve. And that may be a big part of the problem with the way other nations perceive the United States as, a warmonger extreme.
When Russia invaded the Crimea they used the philosophy of a hands on approach to their actions in the Crimea. Our reaction on the other hand is strictly monetary. What we did in response to Russia's actions in the Crimea is that we limited their access to money by the sanctions we enforced. What is happening today is that the world's three premier powers are waging a battle based on individual power structure. All sides what power yet with differing views of power itself continues to lead to more conflict whether it is trade or major military confrontations.
As the world continues to bear witness to the corruption of power much of which has already ignited the flames of violence it is the innocent multitudes that are continually caught in the crossfire of violent reprisals sending the world into chaos. From these power struggles where leaders or dictators use ideologies whose differences are as stark as day and night continue to push apart what common elements there are in all of us. The Middle East is in flames, Libya continues to be a hotbed of lawlessness, Russia continues massing troops all around the Ukraine while sending fighter jets into Syria, and Central Africa continues to harbor more violent extremists as are Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, Mexico and Central America are continually being run over by drug cartels which has only created another refugee crisis. All those children that have been swarming into the United States escaping the violent carnage in countries of South and Central America is very much the way so many are fleeing their own countries in the Mid-East and Africa. All because of the power struggles that have ignited so much horrendous violence.
The world has indeed become more unstable, and more violent because of the corruption of power where governments have become almost incapable now of meeting the challenges of the 21st century. What is more intimidating is that we are in an age of instant communication where conflicts can and are being spread more readily. We just recently saw what happened in the Middle East when the uprisings of the Arab Spring of 2011 led to anarchy in Libya, a counter revolution in Egypt and the ongoing civil war in Syria. It was through instant communication that has intensified the Syria civil war which has become the major factor in widening the violent carnage all through-out the whole Mid-East further splintering what any hope of reconciliation there could have been between the Sunni and Shite Muslims.
Will the world turn toward a path peace and harmony? As daunting as that question is in this age and time the fate of all humanity lies with understanding the differences of nations and cultures. The power struggles today are really no different than those in years past but it is the corruption of that power we see today that has only exasperated the delicate balance that humanity plays. We live in an age now where there has to be an understanding where we all able to seek a common ground. To give and take like barters, each negotiating an amicable agreement to satisfy the hunger for more power. The corruption of power to gain more control and influence has been going on for centuries. It is the advances in technology now that has made it imperative that mankind finds other ways to solve their differences before Armageddon comes knocking on our door. A unified understanding of the fellowship of mankind is the hope of all humanity. If we could only realize this before it really is too late.
About the Author:
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