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Household Appliances Industry Fierce Battle "terminal" Ad Strategy, As Always

by echo

posted in Business : Non Profit Organizations

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"Our situation is not optimistic." This may be in the past six months, the newspaper most frequently heard colleagues say. To newspapers, television, represented by the traditional media,

Advertisement Revenue is quietly emerging media to divert. However, the traditional mainstream after all. Appliance industry seems to be particularly in love with traditional media, although the technical updates, new generation of products on their always dazzling.

More and more media options "Can not watch TV, but do not let me online." This is the little cousin and I were talking when the word comes out.

Effective media consumers can actually see a LOT more than a decade ago.

Zhi-Ming Guo, Managing Director of Zenith Media had the "

Successful Marketing "That said, with the concomitant effect of the media of communication down than before. Moreover, in 12 cities, consumers according to income, life style, etc. Focus of very clear. In this situation, the interaction between media and consumers and the media must be a breakdown of the trend is a trend.

Focus tendency for enterprises, on the one hand may be more to targeted advertising. On the other hand, medium enterprises

Planning Encounter Risk Greater than before.

Samsung Electronics (China) Headquarters PR Director Ran Liu told reporters, with the emergence of new media, corporate advertising diversion is inevitable.

"For a better dissemination of results, more and more attention to business and consumers more ways to communicate." Peking University professor Chen Gang told reporters advertising, because the emergence of various new media now Status is: corporate advertising costs are increasing, while the effect of reducing. So, although enterprises are still very value of traditional media advertising, but this form of communication other than more and more attention. Their advertising budgets from traditional media, in part, turned to the Internet,

Mobile Interactive, public relations activities and creative forms of advertising.

"Companies need to increase and consumers to communicate this trend will not change, so from the total amount of speaking, business promotion expenses will still rise, but the East is not on the western light." Gang said.

In July, according to ZenithOptimedia's latest ad forecasts released in 2005, the total global advertising spending is expected to reach 403.98 billion U.S. dollars, compared advertisement published in the April forecast, the power transmission in the traditional Media advertising spending predicted to reduce the 3.6 billion for Internet advertising spending to increase 1.2 billion, and predicts the next 3 years, Internet advertising share will be increased to 3.6% last 4.7%, and also stressed The Internet is not the only traditional media outlets advertising funds, in their media plans, ways to reach consumers as many as 35 species.

Appliances release policy, as always, "Appliances or in traditional media advertising and the proportion accounted for the terminal." A household electrical appliance enterprises in Fujian Province

Brand Extension of Mr. Zhao introduced, household appliances industry, advertising no major change in strategy, or continuation of the established strategy for many years, in accordance with the integration of communication, instead, that is, using various media, their respective strengths, combining the characteristics of their products, to determine the combinations of media, all media are only part of integrated communication.

"Our advertising strategy is not much change."

Hisense Yu Haitao, general manager of flat-panel TV business, told reporters that Hisense's advertising, is based on the consumer products group to set and no new strategies to adjust. Traditional consumer appliances, general advertising media in the network is relatively small, more of a number of IT, digital and network products in the emerging media advertising.

Data according to HC, 1 June, newspapers and household appliances industry

Magazine Ads on the same period last year rose 44.57%, respectively and 37.05%, while newspapers and magazines were the first half of the overall advertising revenues rose only 7.08% and 15.75%, some of whom appear in many industries the negative growth in advertising. According to the CTR data, household appliances is the first half of the advertising industry's fastest-growing one of the 5, television + plane + radio +


Advertising growth is 22.2%. What makes the shot so generous appliance industry?

About the Author:

I am a professional writer from China Manufacturers, which contains a great deal of information about 12v pump water , drum pumps, welcome to visit!

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