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Insight into Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Tests

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Organic Skincare

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When you start experiencing pains in the body, you might just take some pain killers and hope the pain will go away. However, there are cases where pain persists and when this happens, it is important for you to seek medical help. Your doctor might run tests on you and find that your blood state is normal and this may present a problem. This is because your pain is ongoing and seems to intensify. The pain might be coupled with a constant feeling of fatigue and your instinct is to know what the problem is. A doctor might stop in his tracks and consider Fibromyalgia. This is a condition that present with the above symptoms and is very difficult to diagnose. A Fibromyalgia diagnostic test will involve a series of tests. There is not approved lab Fibromyalgia diagnostic test yet and the following information is used instead.

How The Test Are Done

As mentioned above experts in the field will follow certain criteria and this is how you can describe Fibromyalgia diagnostic test. Many people will also refer to it as Fibromyalgia screening test and this will basically ensure that screening of the condition is done in the most thorough way there is. This chronic ailment is able to cause devastation in the lives of many and if you suspect that you might have it, you need to know the Fibromyalgia diagnostic test and the processes that go with it. First though, it is important to mention that there are so many conditions that will be mistaken for the ailment.

One of those conditions is chronic fatigue syndrome. Experts believe that over 70% of all who suffer from Fibromyalgia will have the chronic fatigue syndrome. Distinctions must be made and this is the importance of knowing the Fibromyalgia diagnostic test. A physical exam that will not last too long will be used when it comes to Fibromyalgia diagnostic test. Light pressure will be put on all major muscles of the body and the result noted. Patients who suffer from Fibromyalgia will feel intense pain and this is a great lead or hint to the condition.

Still on Fibromyalgia diagnostic test, those patients who will have suffered pain that has lasted over 3 months will basically be considered as those suffering from the condition. When it comes to Fibromyalgia diagnostic test, the pain in patients has to be intense in at least 11 to 18 tender points. There are other aspects that might be considered but when the above is clear, a doctor will be justified to make a positive diagnosis and this means that the patient will indeed be suffering from Fibromyalgia syndrome.

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