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Treating a Pinched Sciatic Nerve

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Pain Management

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A pinched sciatic nerve can be excruciating to those affected by it. To many, a pinched sciatic nerve can feel like they are going to be crippled or that there is something vitally wrong with them. The reality of it is that when a person has a better grasp of the sciatic nerve and its functions, the better he or she can deal with a pinched sciatic nerve.

The Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is a nerve which originates from five nerves located at the lower region of the back. The sciatic nerve starts at the upper part of a person's buttocks and radiates to the person toes via the legs. Each leg can experience a pinched sciatic nerve individually since both legs have a sciatic nerve but sciatic of symptoms of sciatic nerve irritation seldom occurs to both legs at the same time.

A pinched sciatic nerve is just one of the possible scenarios why sciatic occurs. In spite of this, a pinched sciatic nerve may be one of the easier causes to treat. The effect of the pinched sciatic nerve can be seen in what areas of the lower body are affected. The affected areas generally pinpoint where the pinch may be located. Many cases of a pinched nerve that needs sciatic nerve relief are at the base of the sciatic nerve where the five original nerves becomes one. Other locations of a pinched nerve may have other causes than an herniated disc or a sipped disc. These causes can be arthritis, and other injuries.


A pinched sciatic nerve due to a slipped disc may be treated with surgery, physical therapy and medication. Usually, doctors recommend reducing the inflammation that result from an irritated nerve. This is done by taking anti-inflammatory medicines as well as muscle relaxants. A pinched sciatic nerve should also receive a lot of rest for it to reduce the swelling and the irritation. Once the inflammation has died down, physical therapy should be implemented to help improve the flexibility and mobility of a person. Exercises that help to improve a pinched sciatic nerve are walking, stretching and bicycling.

There are cases of severe nerve pinching which may need surgery. The pain of a pinched sciatic nerve is usually very uncomfortable so it is vital to consult a doctor before self medicating or doing any exercises to supposedly ease the pain. Some drugs and medications may be dangerous while forcing exercises can be excruciating.

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