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Traumatic Brain Injury

by Neil Hastings

posted in Legal : Personal Injury

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a life-altering injury that can have catastrophic results. TBI can be physically, cognitively, and/or emotionally disabling. Some survivors need round the clock supervision and care. Others struggle with an “invisible” disability that never allows them to return to their full earning potential and creates a lifetime of conflict with friends, family, and even within themselves.

Brain injuries are often overlooked

TBI can occur with no visible head wound and no loss of consciousness. Even a brief loss of consciousness can go unnoticed by the victim. Brain injuries are often overlooked by victims and emergency medical staff.

TBI victims are often sent home untreated, only to have the damage continue as pressure increases inside the skull. In some cases symptoms do not appear for weeks or months after injury. These symptoms can be intermittent and very confusing to the TBI survivor and those lose to him.

The healing period after TBI, is a very dangerous time, especially for teenagers. If the brain is re-injured before it heals it can set off a deadly cascade of events within the brain called second impact syndrome.


Most people don’t know that whiplash is more than an injury to the neck and shoulders. It is also an injury to the brain. The violent forces that cause neck injury in whiplash also bang your brain against the inside of your skull. Whiplash is a commonly overlooked form of TBI, often incurred during auto accidents or sports accidents, and can have devastating long-term consequences.

The myth of “mild” brain injury

Brain injury severity is ranked on the Glasgow Coma Scale. This scale measures how long the victim was unconscious and the depth of unconsciousness, not the severity of the long-term injury to the brain. A “mild” brain injury can have severe consequences.

Unfortunately, those who incur a brain injury that is rated as “mild” may not get the medical attention that they truly need.

Consequences of brain injury

In the worst cases TBI can be fatal. Survivors can be paralyzed or suffer severe and obvious cognitive damage. More than half of all survivors develop epilepsy.

Those who suffer the most are often victims and those close to victims who experience elusive and intermittent symptoms, and are often unaware that they are the result of TBI. Brain injuries can cause radical personality changes, mood swing, headaches, sleep disorders, blackouts, unexplained anger and violent behavior, and memory problems.

TBI victims typically have good days and bad days with intermittent fatigue, and cognitive abilities that come and go. They may have seizures and blackouts that they are not aware of until someone who happens to witness an episode lets them know.

All of these symptoms can strain relationships with friends, family and employers. TBI survivors often wind up very isolated. They need the support and understanding of loved ones more than anything.


Survival and recovery often depend on the most advanced treatments and rehabilitation only available in the very best brain injury treatment centers. The right treatment can mean the difference between permanent disability and a full recovery.

About the Author:

If you or a loved one has been the victim of TBI you need an experienced Brain Injury Attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve so that you can get the treatment that you need. Please contact personal injury attorneys Harvey L. Walner & Associates, LTD., in Chicago, Illinois, today.

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