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by Maral Heggemeier

posted in Pets

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For most of us pet owners we want to use home remedies for dog cough for several reasons. Primarily we don’t want to have to run to the vet for a cough that is coming from a mild case of the kennel cough.  We also want to treat our pets at home where they are the most comfortable and finally we don’t mind saving a little money in the process. Dog cough can come from a variety of reasons such as kennel cough, heartworms, or allergies as examples.

If you use a home remedy for dog cough you should be able to tell in 1 or 2 days whether it is working. So let’s look at a few home remedies. At the bottom I have listed a resource for you that contains many home remedies for minor ailments and illnesses our pets get in their life.  This book will save you a lot of time in trying to research all over the net for a great home remedy.


Pediatric robitussen is being used for puppies to help soothe throat tissues that have become sore due to the inflammation of the throat that occurs from the infection. Just like we would do for our children cough syrups are being used on pets. Certain herbal remedies are also being used to expel mucus. One is plantango lanceolata . Another herbal remedy being used to clear mucus is Bryonia C6 which is also reported to be able to soothe sore throat tissues. For small puppies many people also use honey to soothe irritated throats and treat dog cough at night. The honey can be mixed in the pet’s water bowl. Most report using this first before the cough syrups. Run a humidifier to help keep the air moist or boil a pan of water to add moisture. Give your pet a vitamin supplement to boost their immune system and practice good nutrition. Some people are reporting using Vitamin C but be cautious here as too much has been known to cause irritable bowel syndrome. Loosen collars – your pet’s throat is sore and irritated.

To learn about other home remedies and treatment secrets that can save you a ton of money in vet bills read on through the last paragraph and click on the links.

About the Author:

Are you making any of the classic pet treatment mistakes which will cause you to miss out on home">”">home remedies dog cough ? I hate to admit it but I have made most if not all of them myself. Find out what they are and how to avoid them by visiting right now before you do any serious harm to your pet. They are a member of the family also.

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