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How to House Train a Puppy - Essential Guide to Getting Started

by Tui T Williams

posted in Pets

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Getting a new puppy is an exciting time and is the start of an amazing journey for both owner and puppy. Trust me having a puppy or a dog in the family is the most fulfilling experience and they truly are "a man's best friend". It doesn't go without its challenges though and a lot of patience is required when house training a puppy.
I often get asked how to house train a puppy and to be honest there is no hard and fast answer, there are many methods out there that work. Abusive or threatening methods should NEVER be used as this could lead to scared, submissive or aggressive behaviour towards you and quite frankly its wrong!!
The important thing to remember is that a puppy is just like a young child, they don't know right from wrong and it's up to you to the leader of the pack to teach them how to be a good doggy. Long story short, if you have children congrats you are one step closer to learning how to house train your puppy. Your puppy is a reflection of you as the owner and how well you train them.
Now my answer to the question "How to House Train a Puppy?" and to help you get started the easy way, I have summarised the key information and methods endorsed by many of the world's top dog trainers below:
1. Training supplies- Collar, leash, rewards/ treats, toys, training pads (optional), crate (optional).
2. Regular Vet visits - You should ensure all your puppies immunisations are up to date and make regular vet check-ups part of your routine. Consider pet insurance as well for unplanned events.
3. Be the Pack leader - You need to ensure you are the pack leader in your relationship with your little fur ball and not the other way around. Gentle ways to do this include time out (yes puppies need time out too) and telling them what they have done wrong in a stern/ firm voice.
4. Designated areas - Ensure you have set areas for things such as the food bowl/ feeding, sleeping area, potty and time out etc.
5. Scheduling - Like young children routine is extremely important for training a puppy. You should develop a schedule for activities such as sleep time, feeding, play and potty and get puppy into a routine,
6. Hygiene - Accidents (wee/ poop in wrong area) happen and it is important to clean up so there are no scents or odours on the affected area. If left uncleaned the puppy will think the smell means he can go in that spot again - dogs work on scent.
7. Patience, Persistence and Repetition - To ensure your puppy training is successful these 3 factors are extremely important.
8. Reward - This is about using positive reinforcement to train your puppy. Reward your puppy immediately after they have done something good with their favourite treat, lots of praise and affection.
9. Observe - Get to know your puppy's natural behaviour patterns and keep an eye out for the signs. This is particularly helpful when they need to wee/ poo for example a puppy might sniff around, waddle slightly etc when they need to go.
10. Act quickly - This is important when potty training, as soon as your puppy shows signs they want to go toilet take them to the "designated" spot, don't delay. As yucky as it sounds even if they have started to go pick them up and take them to the designated spot.
House training a puppy can be time-consuming and may even be frustrating at times, especially when you feel like you're constantly cleaning up poo/ wee but stay calm and persist and you will reap the rewards of having a well behaved healthy and happy puppy.
We hope you have found the information in this article helpful and that it gets you off to a flying start with your puppy training. For information on how to potty train your puppy, how to crate train your puppy, socializing your puppy and puppy obedience training and commands visit our website Check out our store for puppy training supplies too.
About the Author: For training supplies, resources and information on puppy training visit our website
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