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Your Guide To Dog Rescue

by Farhan Musavi

posted in Pets

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Sadly, not all dogs receive love in return for the love they are capable of giving. Unfortunately, animal shelters are overcrowded with lots and lots of unwanted dogs.
Petting a dog can be a very joyful experience. The love that these dogs can bring into our lives is invaluable. Mark Twain once famously said, "The more I know about people, the more I love my dog."
Many stray dogs end up at animal shelters every year, so these facilities are always seeking people wanting to adopt and volunteers willing to assist at the shelter.
Trying to help these animals is a productive and worthwhile endeavor, and it's easier than what many people believe. Below I will explain how you can get involved.
The first step is to find a dog rescue shelter. These shelters are located all over the country, and most can be found on the internet or online directories. Before starting your search, take some time to consider what kind of shelter you want to visit.
Several shelters only house certain breeds and specific sizes of dogs, so you should be aware of this information if you are seeking a particular type of dog. Once you know your requirements, it should be easy to search for a shelter.
The search for a dog is the less stressful part of the process. Dog rescue becomes difficult after adopting a canine because you have to train your pet and get them used to their new home.
Begin by teaching basic commands
You can begin the training process by teaching your dog to respond to some elementary orders like "sit" or "stay." This beginning interaction will help to create and strengthen a bond between you both and will help your relationship grow.
Use the commands consistently
During the initial training, ensure every person is giving your dog the same commands. Actually, dogs like rules because it helps them better understand their new home and family and builds confidence.
Always use positive methods in your training
People experience difficulty learning new tasks when they are stressed or anxious, and so do dogs. Dogs should be in a calm and attentive state in order to understand what they are being taught.
In fact, treat it as training for both of you. The dog is learning how to live in your house, and you are learning how to train and interact with your dog.
Now of course not every person will be willing to adopt a dog for various reasons. If you wish to help with dog rescue without adoption, there are many ways to do so.
You can volunteer with an animal shelter in your area, but first check online to see which shelters need assistance from volunteers. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is often in need of volunteers, so this is a place to get started at.
If not, you can simply donate food or money to a local shelter.
About the Author: Farhan Musavi is a freelance writer.
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