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Why Have Anti Slip Floors for Puppies and Dogs?

by Marten Pitts

posted in Pets

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Make it safe for you pet!
The underdeveloped limbs of puppies and other small pets causes them to slip and fall while they are running and playing. These pets may sustain minor injuries if they happen to run across a floor that is slippery. Older pets may have this same problem since their limbs are weaker and not so steady. As they age, they can develop symptoms of osteoporosis and arthritis just like a human being. To prevent mishaps and injuries, pet owners should take steps to create a safe living environment in their home. This measure will allow their animals to move around the home freely and securely at all times.
The Curious Puppy
Puppies and youthful dogs will naturally roam around their environment and investigate their surroundings. They will normally inspect items by using their sense of smell. However, they will often chew and taste an item that seems truly fascinating. In the process they may also jump on top of the furniture and run around the house just to burn up their youthful energy. It is in their nature to behave this way, and is often very amusing based on the number of YouTube videos, but these actions can also be hazardous to the well-being of the puppy. They are usually unaware of the dangers associated with exploring random items contained in a home. Many of these items can be poisonous and harmful, and the consequences associated with dangerous items can be instantaneous or gradual.
Correcting Slick and Slippery Floors
Pets sustain a lot of soft tissue injuries from running and jumping across smooth floors. Their paws and claws are not able to grip the typical floor that you would find in a modern home. Since pets spend a large amount of their time exploring - and sometimes guarding - their home, it would be wise for pet owners to consider rugs or matting to allow better traction.
Non slip flooring is not well-known for animals outside of the flooring industry, most people are not even aware of this type of product and the benefits attached to it. If you have recently taken your animal to a Veterinarian you may have noticed that your dog seems to grip that floor much better than the surfaces at home. Professionals are available to help consumers who are interested reducing injury risk for their pets. Most of them are happy to provide expert advice and assistance to people looking to reduce this type of risk.
Maintaining a non slip floor is simple but it's a great idea to use an enzyme-based cleaning product to maintain the floors because these types of cleaners will not leave a detergent film on the floor once the water has evaporated. This type of cleaner is not only safe for pets and humans, it also cleans the floor without wearing away any high traction coating.
Look at other areas around the home like steps and landings and think about where you pet might have difficulty gaining grip and take measures to make your environment pet-friendly. Other preventive measures such as creating boundaries and keeping harmful chemicals away from your pets are helpful as well. However, if you want to provide the maximum amount of safety for your youthful or elderly pets, think about improving traction, it will allow your pet to move about freely and comfortably in a safe environment.
About the Author: For further information on how to reduce the risk for your pet contact us today at and let us make your environment a "safer place to be" for all the members of your family. We also have a range of helpful videos like this that may give you some other great ideas to reduce risk around the home and reduce the chances of injury or litigation.
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