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Original Quotes You Can Turn Into Personal Affirmations

by Arnold Damsky

posted in Self Improvement : Positive Attitude

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Quotes to encourage, inspire and ponder.

Personalize these and put them on your refrigerator... or in your wallet, dashboard, etc.

Imagination is the birthplace of genius and the great ancestor of all human achievement.

(Change to read- MY imagination is the birthplace of MY genius.)

Imagination is visualization.
(My imagination visualizes my success and achievements)

When we think what we deserve, we define what we want.

(When I think what I deserve, I define what I have accomplished.)

The law of attraction could be more productive were it understood as resulting from action.

(I understand the law of attraction is always working for me.)

The law of attraction requires action for traction.

(I act positively, impelling the law of attraction)

Chancing (action) influences the law of attraction.

(My chancing always produces expected benefits.)

People who don’t take chances don’t have any.

( I act and move to my desired goal.)

Life is a flowing river of chancing actions.

Every chance is a decision to commence certain actions, towards a definite and desired conclusion.

(By my actions I enjoy great advances and success.)

Life is full of challenges, why not make your own?

(I overcome my challenges.)

A caged bird does not stop singing!

(I maintain a cheerful and positive vision of my accomplished success.)

Beware of the false profit.

(I ..... false events and people.)

Desires are instinctual;
Dreams are visualizations;
Chances are consequential actions;
Combined they form a destiny.

Passion; the irrepressible drive
to accomplish an undeniable dream.

(My passion is irrepressible and my dream undeniable and is why I accomplish them.)

Living your passion

is being in your right place at your right time.

(I am always in my right place at my right time.)

Passion; the magnificent obsession.
When a dream is ablaze in the mind’s kiln...

fired like clay to pottery; sand to glass; iron to steel.

( My passion forges success, fired like clay to pottery, sand to glass, iron to steel.)

Never allow other people’s purposeless, negativity, lack of success, or selfish lifestyle, dictate, or be an excuse or example, to fear or delay your vision’s realization.

(I never allow.......)

How lucky are they, born to ply their instinctual passion.
Find your passion; live it – and you can be lucky too!

(I am my passion and that is my great luck.)

When chances are actions in pursuit of your passion,
you are the master of your destiny.

(With my positive actions I master my destiny.)

The mind is a wanderous device, yet highly trainable.
Indeed! It reads, speaks, thinks, dreams, plans and acts! You just tell it what to do!

(You do this one...)

The seed of opportunity properly tended,

blossoms into success.

(My opportunites are successfully achieved .)

An idea is a vision, a dream;
resulting from mental activity,
of or for a (Potential) desired outcome.

A challenge is a decision to accomplish your idea, combining your abilities with specific actions.

(I create and champion challenges that assure my success.)

Wishing you great success.

Please contribute to indigent and starving people’s charities. Thank you.

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I hope they serve you well.


Permission granted to reproduce and use only in it’s entirety.

© 2007 Arnold Damsky All rights reserved.

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