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Alternative Regional Home Appliance Chain Of Survival Technique

by zhangbetty

posted in Business : Project Management

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Dormant in the corner of the Department of Yangzhou silver appliances listed in Hong Kong before, so far not been well-known regional appliance chain industry enterprise instant step forward.

The past 10 years, cities and towns in 34 lines market, including the exchange of silver appliances, Zhejiang Honest, Jiangsu Pearl, Baotou area with strong interest and a few home appliance chain enterprises, using a variety of ways, such as "mom and pop to join," chain stores, small-scale rural development model of deep plowing 34 market, is now the market opportunities.

Experts pointed out that with the "herding" and expanded to a regional exchange of silver represented by three or four lines in the home appliance chain enterprises to establish leadership position in the market, but also separated by 12 market will States United States , Suning Threat. The market really want Fengeng 34 line cake, Gome Suning is apparently still powerless.

Alternative mode of siege tank 3 successful listing in Hong Kong for exchange of silver, this little-known regional business quickly became the object of peer-to emulate.

In fact, despite the Gome and Suning giants such as rapidly encroaching everywhere, but the area around the home appliance chain does not seem to be much pressure. In addition, Jiangsu Exchange Bank, representatives of the regional market also Zhe Jiang Baicheng business, Mudanjiang Guanghui, Wuhan Trade and Industry, the Society for Mianyang, Jiangsu Pearl, Jiangsu Wenfeng, Hefei Baida, Anhui Guo-Sheng, Jinhua Stone, Chongqing Trading Company, Xinjiang my family, big business appliances, Shenzhen Paraelectric, Zhejiang liang.

With the national chain of home appliance, "a large-scale procurement, low cost distribution" mode of competition compared to the same region is also home appliance chain is "the development of characteristics, there are core competencies."

First, these regional appliance chain based on the 34 markets in the county and township intensively in these markets have laid a good foundation. Second, these enterprises have not integrated strength, but most follow the "retail + wholesale" in the composite model, which address a single issue of a small amount of retail business, but also for 34 markets.

Such as exchange of silver original "four-wheel drive mode", in the county to open outlets, and then by the localization of the franchisees to open stores in the surrounding rural markets, in the direction of radiation than the other third-party agents to sub- sales, plus Service Service. First Meeting of silver in every county-level city to open a self-chain, this store is the banner exchange silver shop, model shop, which is one of logistics, management and service and other functions in an integrated control center. Around each county around the city and then in every town to open 1-2 stores. Meanwhile, the exchange of silver in the middle of each of the two chains to open a repair shop.

In addition, the Exchange Bank will operate the establishment of more mature brand separate branch exchange banks Gree Air conditioning Sales Co., Ltd. is one of them, now, the company is also the exclusive regional agent Gree do so not only to their own operating system supplier, but also as a supplier of the role of other channels, such as to the local department store for goods.

Learned, through this mode, Exchange Bank currently has a total of 24 directly managed stores, chain stores 516 villages and towns to join the urban and rural service chain of 135 and 13 professional brand marketing company.

Area of the first to machine king

In " Appliances to the countryside "Policy driven by regional consumer electronics market are very active in the data, and in Beijing, Shanghai and other provincial capital cities compared with a second-tier markets, all over the country more than 2,000 county-level cities and more than 50,000 appliances rural market towns average annual growth rate of consumption of more than 20%, while consumption growth in urban household appliances only about 5%. Department of Chairman of Bank of Jiangsu appliances

wide level, said Cao, a second-tier markets currently account for only 30% of the entire appliance sales, 70% of the market lies in the hands of the regional household electrical appliance enterprises.

About the Author:

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