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The Greatest Escape – Norfolk Property for a Happy Alternative

by Sam Paul

posted in Real Estate

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Anyone lucky enough to have the funds to make a break from city living would be well advised to do so. That's always been the view of the British, and a pretty sensible one at that. In the country, life is slower, the air is cleaner and things are just generally nicer: not to mention, of course, more conducive to bringing up a happy family. What, after all, is better for the kids – long rambles in the fields and woods, or choking on diesel fumes and playing next to a major arterial road? Thing is, moving to the country can sometimes be too much of a cutting off from the conveniences of the modern world – which is why moving into a Norfolk property could represent the happiest alternative of all.


Norfolk has several things going for it that immediately recommend the county as a top spot for relocation. First up, Norfolk is pretty much unique in the British Isles as having most types of country living available under the bailiwick of a single county. Translated to Norfolk, a family can live on a farm, by the sea, on a moor or marsh, or even in a little country village. All of which have reasonably easy access to major transport options – making the City still close enough to use frequently. Norfolk property lets its owners enjoy the benefits of country living without any of the drawbacks. Professional parents are still connected easily to places of work, while children get to reap the health giving harvest of country life without missing out on the culture and arts they can be exposed to in a city.


There's culture enough in the county itself, mind – and culture wrapped up in the extremely pleasant guises of the old Norfolk broads cities at that. Norwich makes a wonderful change from the exhaust laden streets of London and offers all the cultural benefits of that fine town without the congestion and population hassles. After a while, one suspect that even the most cosmopolitan dweller in a Norfolk property will supplant the train journey capital-wards with a quick trip in the car to the county seat, for a day's shopping, cinema, theatre and perhaps a meal. Norfolk really does have everything in one county – from total wilderness to bustling metropolis. Why go anywhere else?


The breadth of variation found in the actual setup of each Norfolk property is a recommendation for the county in itself. Want a farmhouse? Norfolk can provide. An old rectory? Ditto. How about a beautiful modern conversion in sight of the sea? Look – Norfolk can help, again. And so on. With no exception, Norfolk delivers every single classic type of country residence, plus a few astounding examples unique to the East Anglian broads. Where else, after all, can a person take up residence in a converted oast house? Norfolk property represents, if not an actual compromise between convenience and beauty, at least the happiest medium. Anyone thinking of migrating away from the city would do well to give the county serious consideration.

About the Author:

Norfolk property, like the county it stands in, is so many and varied that it offers an almost endless list of perfect country getaways. For more information please visit


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