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The Advantage of Houses in the Philippines

by Catherine Ruiz

posted in Real Estate

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There are many popular types of residential real estates in the Philippines today which rendered houses less popular in the market, such as condominiums, townhouses, and apartment buildings. Part of the reason why these types of housing have outpaced the popularity of houses among Filipinos is because of its many benefits which conform in today's modern trends.

Disadvantages of Living in a Typical House
Compared to houses, condominiums, and a number of townhouses and apartment buildings, are known to offer their residents the accessibility they needed to get to their work with lesser hassle. This is because most of these types of housing are found in business and commercial districts which makes it easier for its residents to access their workplaces from their homes.

Because most houses are found in residential districts, many of its residents found it hard to get back to their workplaces because of the hassles of rush hour. Another is that houses are not as luxurious compared to condominiums and townhouses in terms of maintainability as well as security.

However, although these typical houses have become less and less popular over the years, the number of new house for sale Philippines still kept on growing. So why would a type of housing which has almost lost all its popularity in the market kept on growing around the country?

Advantages that Kept Houses in Demand
According to many Filipinos as well as real estate experts, the real reason why the numbers of new house for sale Philippines kept on growing is because of the huge demand for these types of housing. And the reason why is because of its affordability.

Although condominiums and townhouses are known for its many benefits in the market, particularly for the many modern Filipinos living in a fast-paced lifestyle, these types of housing are normally expensive. And because not all Filipinos can afford to buy a condo unit or a townhouse unit in those locations, the demand for typical houses found in residential districts continually grew in the market.

Other than its affordability, living in a house found in residential districts such as in Caloocan City or in some parts of Quezon City can still offer the accessibility in which many Filipinos are looking for in a house. Part of the reason is because of new modes of transportation being built within Metro Manila, such as the LRT 1 and MRT extension which would make it easier and faster for Filipinos to get to their work.

New Benefits
There are a number of new house for sale Philippines available around Metro Manila today. And similar to other types of houses, these new houses are also known for its affordability. However, the advantage of these new house for sale Philippines compared to houses found in the city is its terms of payment, in which residents can buy a house and pay for it in installment. This is the reason why many Filipinos opted to live in a house rather than rent an apartment. For more information visit to our site at About the Author:

Catherine Ruiz is a business entrepreneur from Cebu City Philippines. She's now based in Florida and writes in her spare time for various websites including

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