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Rising Real Estate Prices and Group Home Buying

by Rohit K.

posted in Real Estate

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One of the many reasons why people go in for group home buying is because of the high cost of real estate. You would have to be living in a dream not to notice how high land prices have risen in recent years. The price of real estate has become so unaffordable that one would have to be a millionaire even to buy a decent sized house. Those who are at the lower end of the economic spectrum can only dream of getting a home of their choice. That is why many of them prefer to pool their resources with other buyers and get a place that they can call home.
One only needs to look at the classifieds section in a daily newspaper to notice that both land prices as well as rents have shot up beyond compare in the last decade. And they only seem to be going up. People walk into the offices of a real estate broker or into the cubicle of a banker and ask them if they expect the prices of real estate to come down anytime soon, and they are invariably given an answer in the negative.
Many demands have been made over the years for the real estate laws to be amended and the floor space index to be changed. But all these have fallen on deaf ears, and the prices keep shooting through the roof. For the middle class man who has struggled his whole life with trying to make ends meet, and find a place to put a roof over his head, this recent trend is very disappointing.
This is a trend that is not only noticeable in the urban areas, but it is also increasingly been spotted in the rural areas as well. At least in the countryside you would be tempted to think that land prices would be cheaper, but even here they are increasing at a rapid rate, and the end result is that people have to travel far to the outskirts of the city to find a decent place to live.
Of course, nobody wants to do that. Everyone wants to live close to the heart of the city so that they get access to the best schools, and the best medical facilities, and naturally convenient means of transport. If they were to travel somewhere far away then they would not be able to get access to all these facilities, and then it would be a struggle for them to live their daily life in peace and comfort.
So the only other alternative for them is to rent a house in the heart of the city by shelling out a lot of money or they can pool their resources with other like minded people and get a house at a cheaper rate with some smart negotiating. The second alternative is what many people are going for and they have found to their great delight that they have managed to get a house that they can live in comfortably. They also have friends and neighbours that they can rely and depend on in times of need and this makes the prospects of settling down somewhere even better.
One of the things that group home buying does is that it helps people get a home with all the facilities that they are looking for close by. When a group of people are looking to get a house then naturally they will be interested to know whether there are good schools near the place they plan to live, and whether they have access to good transport facilities. If a person were to try and achieve all this on his own then it would be difficult since there is no way that he can afford such a good house. But if he were to be part of a group then things become different. Then the power of group negotiation comes into play and they can talk the builder into reducing prices with the temptation that he will get many more clients. In these times of rising land prices which never seem to come down this is one of the smart ways that home buyers can land a house of their choice.
About the Author:
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