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Great Ideas for Home Renovation Projects Involving Minimal Investment

by Bill Len

posted in Real Estate

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So you want to do some renovations on your home but you do not want to spend a lot of money. Is this even possible? Actually, yes it is! Keep in mind; when you do such projects, "inexpensive" is a relative term. You will have to put SOME money into it. However, in this article we will give you some ideas on how to improve your home while keeping overall costs down.
We begin with looking at a do-it-yourself vanity improvement in your bathroom for less than $20 spent on it. What you can do is use a concrete overlay that you can purchase for less than $20 and do the project yourself. There is a tutorial available by a creative person who calls themselves "Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body." You can see the finished result on a Pinterest post entitled "DIY Vanity Makeover: Concrete Overlay."
Another fantastic and relatively inexpensive project you can do is create your own man-cave. This can be a special place for you and your friends when you just need some time and space to yourselves, away from family life for a little while. You can find many helpful tips and ideas on DIY ways you can make this dream a reality. Just go onto Pinterest and look for "DIY Projects & Creative Crafts - How to Make Everything Homemade" by Renee Romeo. You will see the post called "Man Cave Ideas." This is entirely do-able for you.
One more spectacular idea we have for you comes from a website called "" This is a list of about 100 DIY upgrades for under $100 total money spent. Here on this Pinterest post you will learn how to invest just a little cash and have it payoff in huge visual dividends in your very own home. These tips include a look at an updated old refrigerator using faux stainless-steel finished paint. You will spend less than $60 on the paint and pay nothing to have it applied to your fridge because you will do it yourself.
On the same Pinterest page you can find instructions on a DIY improvement for the OUTSIDE of your home. You can create your own firepit. FIRST make sure you are allowed to do this; check with your HOA board or local town regulations/ordinances. NEXT go to the appropriate Pinterest page and look under "life hacks: how to make a fire pit." There you will find written instructions WITH pictures showing each step of the process, right down to what your finished project should look like. This is an out of this world gorgeous improvement you can make to your yard.
You can find all sorts of details on any of the above-mentioned projects plus oodles more on the website Pinterest. Go to a board hosted by a gentleman named Robert Gordon under the heading "Cheap Home Renovation Ideas." This particular board has over 100 pertinent pins on it with all different kinds of home improvement projects that you can do without spending a lot of money. ENJOY YOURSELF!
About the Author: Please contact us at Tazar If you looking for a MLS listings MA or if you're looking for a Boston apartments.
Thank you for reading.
P.S. If you like this article please give us a tweet!
Please note the content is not intended to be, legal or investment advice. You should consult a licensed attorney or realtor for advice regarding your individual situation.
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