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Park Furniture Arrangement and The City Life

by Meagan Deacon

posted in Recreation and Sports

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With larger cities constantly growing, it is important for them to maintain the number and quality of their parks to keep up with the growing population. According to several studies done over the years, there are 4 major benefits of parks (especially in urban areas).
Health. Not only do parks have the ability to increase physical health but they can also promote healthy mental states for those who live and utilize parks in their neighborhood. This also applies to children. Young residents that participate in physical activity in or around where they live also tend to be both mentally and physically healthier than those that don't. Similarly, studies performed at city hospitals have shown that patients who are placed in a "room with a view" of the community park recuperate at a higher rate than those with a less appealing view.
Sense of Community. It is proven that neighborhoods thrive where a strong sense of community can be found among the residents. Parks have been known to cause this rise in the social connection between neighbors and citizens. They provide a space for the local community to gather while increasing their trust in those that live on the same street. In addition, elderly citizens living in a large city but who have access to a community park have significantly higher social skills than those that don't.
Environment. Parks play a crucial role in helping the environment thrive. They supply cities with services such as preservation and climate control. Studies show that a park or green space can also increase an areas temperature by as much as 5 degrees. Parks also help with air and noise pollution depending on the location of the pollutants and their distance from the park. Did you know? 85% of all air pollution can be filtered by the vegetation that grows in a park's open spaces.
Economy. As if the previous 3 benefits weren't enough, parks can also play an important role in increasing the surrounding real estate properties, depending on how far away the homes are from the park. Neighborhood and community parks can increase property values by as much as 20% for homes that face them.
Parks are just one way to increase the beauty of an otherwise bustling larger city. You don't want potential residents who are looking to raise a family and settle down to choose another city... do you?!
When you walk into a park, it looks like just an open space with a few places to sit, run and play ball. What you may not realize is that a lot of effort went in to planning the perfect layout. When a park is designed right, visitors feel more welcome and are more likely to return. So, whether you are set up to hold family gatherings or to just accommodate a couple enjoying a picnic... here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking at how to arrange your park or recreational area.
  • Place picnic tables together in small groups and then also spread some out separately. This way your tables can be used for large family gatherings and there will also be a few set off to the side for a single person or a smaller family picnic.

  • Park benches should be placed along trails, in close proximity to playgrounds and next to any ball fields that may be found in the park. Make sure a bench or two can be found where some action or a beautiful view can be seen. Benches should also be where they can easily be accessed by a walkway or sidewalk.

Note: It is best to keep picnic tables and benches off of grassy areas as this can become an obstruction to the maintenance crew who will be mowing these areas.
  • Trash receptacles and/or recycling centers should be located near picnic areas, ball fields, or large gathering areas. With this in mind, they should also be a safe distance away so that bees and the occasional trash-digging creature don't become a nuisance for your park visitors. There should also be a few receptacles located near parking areas and at the head/tail of any trails. It may also be a good idea to place trash receptacles throughout sidewalks and walkways. By having a trash receptacle easily accessible you can help decrease the amount of litter.

Don't forget about the bike racks, especially if you have bike trails available that run through your park or recreational area. These can sometimes be forgotten. Security bollards and planters can also be a purposeful addition. These can help with the flow of high traffic areas and also add an aesthetically pleasing look to an otherwise dull environment.
If you plan on having a picnic area, you may want to consider adding in a shade structure or 2 to make sure no family reunion, picnic or birthday party is ruined because of bad weather. People also like to cook on-site, so don't forget about the grills and drinking fountains too! Nothing tastes better than hamburgers and hotdogs on a charcoal pedestal grill.
About the Author: ParknPool Corp. is a leading online distributor of commercial grade outdoor furnishings and site amenities such as picnic tables, park benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, drinking fountains, and grills. For more information on building and arranging a park in an urban area call 877.777.3700 and browse for furniture options.
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