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Always Outsource – Why Management Consultancy is Not a Job for the in House Crew

by Sam Paul

posted in Business : Recruitment

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Management consultancy is a very special task, and one that needs to be handled with a certain amount of tact and discretion. Generally speaking, the management consultant is called in to address certain problems within the directorial and managerial structure of a company – to guide leadership back onto the right path; to find new paths for stagnating strategies; and to streamline company management processes so that company gets back on track. All of these tasks are tasks that, by definition, cannot be completed or addressed by existing management – that's why the consultants are being called in. Further, though, with the same definition: management consultancy isn't really something that can even be properly commissioned by existing management, given that management structure is the thing that is being consulted on. In other words: someone else has to watch the watchmen. And that's where professional outfits designed to source the best management consultants come into play.


Here's how it works. A company knows enough about itself and its business to know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. So far, so bad. It has, at least, identified a problem, even if it doesn't have the tools to solve it. Now, it has to bite the bullet and get someone else in to clean house on its behalf. That's where management consultancy comes in. A good management consultant provider will take the entire process away from the company at this point – past making the actual decision to get a management consultant in, a company that needs a management consultant is in no wise fitted to pick the best one for the job. If that company was able to pick the best person for a managerial job, it wouldn't need a consultant in the first place.


An executive recruitment company (Prism Recruitment has made a huge name for itself in the UK exec recruitment market over the last few years) will have connections (that is, candidates on its books) with the most highly qualified consultants in the country. What they know that most troubled companies don't is this: the best management consultancy services tend to be delivered by individuals who have an intuitive grasp of the philosophy of management, rather than the actual processes of a particular business. A different kind of person, in other words – a person who can think outside boxes and see around corners. That's why all the top execs in the business world transfer from company to company with no apparent coherence in terms of what all those companies do. Management is about driving a ship, not looking at fish.


Any company, then, that knows it needs to start looking at management consultancy, is in much the same position as an alcoholic or other kind of addict, who has made the first admittance that he or she has a problem. Just as an alcoholic cannot cure him or herself, neither can an ailing company sort out its own management. Once the company has admitted it has a problem, it needs the courage and conviction to turn the handling of that problem over to the experts.

About the Author:

Management consultancy is a difficult and special task. Executive recruitment ensures that a company gets the best man or woman for the job – every time. For more information please visit

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