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EMC Greater China market and channel strategy to create a balance Meimin Ling, director of channel marketing system

by wxg battery, Jr.

posted in Business : Recruitment

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EMC Greater China market and channel strategy to create a balance Meimin Ling, director of channel marketing system

A few years ago, the major storage vendor's business comes from sales of storage hardware products, ACER ASPIRE 5920 SERIES battery and now, storage software and services revenue has gradually become one of the core business of companies. EMC director of the Greater China market and channel strategy had assumed office when Meimin Ling, EMC's core business in China mainly from the telecommunications partners income, relying on one partner or sector revenue will give the development of a risk, for which EMC changing ideas and strategies, to create a balanced channel business system, which makes small and medium business market, the rapid growth of storage.

Distribution and integration of both

Moderator: EMC on the VAD (value added resellers) and VAR (value-added core business partners) have attached great importance, but for the domestic large integrators such as Digital China, Teamsun, Fortis, etc., how to rank? In addition to turnover, profit, what other aspects of EMC is very important?

Meimin Ling: We have the most value their ability to solve practical technical solutions. We find a lot of distributors are not necessarily looking for money, we are not going the stuffing of the distribution model, Moreover, EMC will not stuffing. Because our performance is to get users to install the report be considered, but also to the dealer incentives, also based on the number of users to calculate the actual installation. Dealer's inventory does not affect our results, so the dealer's service capabilities more important than heavier, our channels are not transferred goods channels.

To this end, we established dealers have different levels of training and certification. By a simple test you can sell products, but sales have a certification, a pre-certification, if required to do service, the need for additional service certification. Each product has a different solution that can achieve the level of service, there is what kind of training and certification. Digital China is not just that we have a few channel partners have the same certification. There are some rather large integrators, such as Teamsun, East China partners, the certification level of the computer are similar.

Moderator: Fortis in your partners what is the definition? Cooperation is the pattern would be similar to Acadia? They will help EMC sell Vblock products? EMC cooperation with Fortis, the most important value of their platforms, Hp Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery however, Fortis ranks in the EMC channel system inside what? Fortis is expected of you want it to do as the big Digital imaging platforms?

Meimin Ling: Our cooperation with Fortis is some connection, cooperation should be the fastest VAD and VAR, Fortis had built another professional team to do storage virtualization solution, EMC is now focused on the virtualization and private cloud solution. Our cooperation with Fortis several reasons, Fortis main business is distribution, distribution of competence, have a great network of channel partners.

Of course, Fortis had in this industry are relatively large distributors, we have great expectations for Fortis, also hope that they can do as the big Digital imaging platform. We are only the beginning of cooperation with Fortis, which is the development of EMC's strategy of global private cloud one. We focus on information infrastructure, such as the server level, and Cisco, Dell and other manufacturers have the cooperation of different servers. At the network level with Cisco, Brocade and other manufacturers are also cooperating in the integration level, cooperation with Fortis, we are partners by leveraging the network platform to conduct business, therefore, Fortis is just the beginning.

Continuation of the strategic alliance

Moderator: EMC speed alliance established in China, currently has more than 1,200 coalition partner, the future will develop more partnerships, so that the original is not out of line with our requirements out of the partnership?

Meimin Ling: This is not to develop our alliance partners, but the channel operators to take the initiative to register all over. Last year, more than 200 partners to join. We only hope that these partners together, rather than quantity. And would like to partner with programs to address the capacity, therefore more focus on the ability of their services, so that we can sell more software and services.

Moderator: EMC What special thing have been attracted to join these channels Ultimate Alliance?

Mei Minling: Ultimate Alliance to attract channel joining the main business or our products Acer Aspire 3000 Battery and solutions. Our products and solutions to many industries in China have penetration, has also created a certain reputation. Two partners are focused on specific industry sectors, from where their customers know that our success stories, can provide solutions with them. Meanwhile, the cultivation of the channel business, we spent a great deal of effort and input. And compared with the competition, we spent more energy on developing their practical implementation capacity. This is why we are willing to delegate to a number of service channels do reason. Most partners do not want to make money by transfer goods, because to do so, the profit is low, and difficult to establish with the customer long-term stable relationship. They hope to establish long term relationships with clients, must have their own solutions and services, Speed Union cooperation in line with their business model, therefore, we can attract long-term partner to join. According to sales, we are members of the Speed Union finer grading, including platinum, elite, common and so level. Union members and our business is the greater, the more support we provide, the more open services.

Leveraging SI, ISV and deepen SMB market

Moderator: Currently, EMC has been a change of business form, the SME market, China's performance in the amount of EMC can account for more than 10% of it? When did the change happen?

Meimin Ling: the Chinese account for more than 20%. I joined EMC from 2006 to the present, there are several relatively large change. Before we will be primarily hardware-based storage, provided that, EMC as a whole is growing, and each product is growing, but the product grew faster than storage, and storage in the declining proportion. Distribution in the industry, SMEs can be the amount of EMC's performance in China can be accounted for between 20% -30%, which is very good for our long-term development.

This change is a process Di, in ensuring market growth in traditional business cases, first is to develop channels, first, the development of enterprises, in fact, this is Zuo in the low-end products. This is a faster growth than other businesses, also contributed to a more balanced distribution business. This equilibrium state is formed during development and in the first half of this year basically. The same time, that most of the businesses are concentrated in several large cities, from 2008 we opened a lot of branches, a branch including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, there are nine cities set up two companies, Therefore, a total of 13 Acer Aspire 1680 Battery branches. The two branches are in remote branch office level, even faster than growth.

Moderator: With the EMC strategy tend to SMEs, whether the services required a more preferred channel partners for SMEs? In the SME market, EMC is also hope that SI, ISV own speed up?

Meimin Ling: Our tradition is to big corporate customers, large corporate customers in the market share is already very high, if you want the Chinese market continues to grow, we must develop new markets. SMEs are not too high market share and open up a piece of faster growth. Of course, certain channels are different channels of large customers require 10 to 20 big integrator can do, most still rely on EMC to do with them. EMC set up a great deal of pre-, post-sales channel support team. But for the large number of small and medium sized customers, certainly need to help our channel partners to sell products and implement solutions.

Can see, we hope to expand small and medium builders to follow up the market, which will benefit both sides. Because of their ability, we can use more resources on covering is broader. Channels with the customer if the sale is to establish normal relations, it is easy to become a one-time deal. Established an in-depth service and support relationships of mutual cooperation will be made more durable. In particular, many small clients may not have IT resources that many of our partners is tantamount to customers IT department will have problems to find this partner. Many parts are low-end product customers can install their own replacement, if a customer problem, partners, if you are able to help us to solve the customer's response time will be faster. Sometimes, the program also integrates many solutions to a number of partners, products and applications, so their cooperation partners with the latest understanding of customer needs, can be faster Xiangying customers. We hope that the technical capacity of partners to help us make it clear to customers the value of the program, and have the ability to implement solutions.

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