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Modern Travel Agent Jobs

by Kevin Pollard

posted in Business : Recruitment

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The modern travel agent is expected to be a little more than the old ‘sell your tickets and go merchant' we all remember from our youth. These days, travel is open to a broad variety of people with a broad variety of requirements – making modern travel agent jobs a much more interesting and varied occupation. As a result, of course, competition to get them is fierce: which means it's a good idea to get a thorough grounding in the sorts of things one might be expected to do before one goes in to an interview situation.

A travel agent position can be as specific or as general as one wants. There are, of course, still plenty of positions available for generic travel agents – the big name brands that sell flights and nights and all the rest of it. Travel agent jobs in the traditional travel industries are still pretty well fought over, mind – they offer a series of attractive perks, not least of which are staff training courses in the locations being sold. As such even the most basic level travel agency position is more likely to come your way if you prepare for it. That can usually be done by training on site, with online travel employment agencies, who offer reams of useful internet courses to get one's knowledge up. The courses range from general hospitality information to specifically targeted modules like e ticketing and reservations systems.

Travel agent jobs with a more specialty bent are even more fiercely contested, and require a concomitant level of knowledge and commitment if one is to get through the interview. There are some intensely rewarding careers to be had here. Bespoke travel companies who focus on delivering itineraries and multi stop trips, or trips to more "off the beaten track" type locations, look after their staff well and tend to send them away to some pretty stunning places in order to keep their destination knowledge in working order. All to the good – if one can get through the door. Here the training modules are an absolute must – as is doing some travel off one's own bat before settling into the application process. That can be an expensive piece of research, but it's more than worth it – paying off double, really, because you get to go charging around the world looking at stuff before you come back and apply for the position. The best travel agent jobs often demand that candidates have spend a specified amount of time in at least three continents before they can be considered for the post. What a hardship!

Then, of course, there are the corporate type travel agencies – agencies that deliver business trips and all their connections. That's just as directed an industry as the multi stop global travel market – so, again, it requires a certain amount of dedication and hard training in order to be ready for interview. Business travel agents will be booking hotels, finding flights and connections and often arranging fairly time sensitive windows: be warned, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Whatever travel agent jobs one chooses to go for, the message is the same. Do some homework and one's chances of scoring a top job will get much better.

About the Author:

New Frontiers, travel agent jobs, offers a wide range of hospitality jobs uk, jobs in travel industry such as tour operators and travel agent jobs.

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