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Working through the Hard Times – Why It's Easier with Executive Recruitment

by Sam Paul

posted in Business : Recruitment

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The recruitment consultancy has a new mission, which is to make sure that the reshuffles, restructurings and other radical top down changes happening all over British industry and commerce at the moment run smoothly and well. As the recession makes its full fledged anger felt, and record numbers of UK companies start to react by reshaping themselves into leaner, meaner versions of what they used to be, the market for executive recruitment is going through the roof.


Not in a bad way, either. One of the most misunderstood facets of the whole management consultancy type position is its intent, or rather the way in which it affects a company. Executive candidates sent in by heavy hitting top level recruitment consultancy lists are often seen as aggressors – usurpers come to take over the current hierarchy of the company in question. This is an error. The management consultants and other top executives sent in by high flying recruitment firms are there to make an inevitable transition much easier: not to destroy a company. Quite the opposite, in fact – the executive recruitment candidate is always there to help save a company. By extension, then, the exec recruitment candidate is there benevolently – to help, rather than to obstruct; to build, rather than to destroy.


Any good recruitment consultancy is able to find the perfect top level candidate for any job – and send him or her in to help a company understand its restructuring process. The job of the management or executive consultant is to shepherd in a new era – often with different technologies and processes. As a result, it is usually the task of the executive recruitment candidate to introduce new IT or new software to a company: to have it installed; to oversee the learning curve that company goes through while coming up to speed on its use; and to manufacture a swift and seamless change to a more effective way of working.


The recruitment consultancy supplies the brains: the brains supply the new ways of getting things done. These are ways that are way less cost intensive; ways that help even struggling companies rebuild their own balance books and client rosters; ways that get companies thinking differently about their markets, exploring new avenues, building up new niches they can exploit without competition. Executive recruitment, in this rapidly changing age of new business ideas, less risk taking, more niche building and market carving – exec recruitment is the best and only way to get sense and stability into vulnerable areas of market and commerce before it is too late.


For two years we've been told how hard it is going to be. Now it is happening. And the recruitment consultancy, with its precious cargo of executive trouble shooters, is making it a lot less hard than we thought it would. As long as those executive recruitment candidates are given the room to do their job properly, then everything could well be a lot finer than we thought it was going to be. The new age is upon us: and consultancies are getting us ready to live in it.

About the Author:

Prism Executive Recruitment is a well-known executive recruitment consultancy operating across the UK. With in-depth understanding of the market, skilful approach and flexible resourcing solution, Prism has been able to build a long-term relationship with both candidates as well as clients. For more information please visit

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