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How to Play the Right Cards With I-Gaming Recruitment

by Aksinteractive

posted in Business : Recruitment

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I-gaming has taken great leaps in recent years due to the high demand that has boosted the creation of innovative and interactive online entertainment solutions. This strut ahead has also fuelled the need for staff that speak the same language in a world where luck, instinct, experience and tact define winners. As a result, many companies have directed their attention to job boards and i-gaming recruitment websites with the hope of finding people that have the skills that are needed in such a demanding yet rewarding industry. Whilst experience may be one of the leading factors that differentiate candidates when it comes to i-gaming recruitment, there are also other areas that should be considered in order to meet up to the demand and competition that comes from different angles.  Some of the key factors to take into consideration when it comes to hiring an i-gaming recruitment firm are:

Database of Skills: The IGaming Recruitment firm that you choose to hire should have a large database of skilled candidates to make the whole experience of finding online talent worthwhile. The more skills that are available to meet up to the needs of specific requirement, the higher the probability of finding the perfect job seeker to meet certain needs.

Track Record- i-gaming is not usually an area where training is considered an option. This is because companies are looking for people who know how to roll with the ball before it is thrown at them. Therefore, hiring a recruitment agency that knows about the industry is crucial in getting the right candidates. Whether you filling vacancies in online poker, betting, casino or bingo, the i-gaming recruitment firm should have the skills to identify candidates that will suit your job description. This is only possible if the company understands the industry.

Personalised Approach- No two companies in i-gaming industry can be ranked as identical and for this reason a personalised approach should be taken to meet up to the needs of each company. The profile of one candidate may be suitable for one company and not for another company despite both having the same vacancy and similar job description. Therefore, it is important to hire a i-gaming recruitment firm that does not believe in the common theory that "one cap fits all."

Response Time- In a world where time means money, the i-gaming recruitment firm that you decide to hire should be conscious of this sensitive determinant. Whilst getting a qualified candidate may not be possible overnight, there should be an established deadline to get the talent that your company is looking for. The longer the wait, the more losses and ultimately poor client feedback a gambling firm will attract.

Marketing Approach- How does the IGaming Recruitment firm intend to market your job vacancy? Will the use of social networking websites or other online and offline advertising techniques be implemented to reach as many people as possible regarding your job requirement? How does the i-gaming recruitment firm intend to filter out the applicants that do not attend to your needs? These are just some of the questions that you will need to answer before hiring a recruitment firm to find the talent you are looking for. The more effective the marketing tactic applied, the faster it will be to find candidates that are qualified to work in the i-gaming sector. However, this efficiency is also determined by proper filtering solutions to prevent excessive applications from hampering the interview and selection process.

About the Author:

Employ consultants specialise in supplying staff to the dynamic and ever changing world of the interactive IGaming Recruitment and betting industry. We cover everything from online poker, casino and bingo to sports book, lottery and payment solutions. For more information please visit:

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