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Concluding Your Dissertation Is A Must

by Rohit K.

posted in Reference and Education

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Well begun is half done - is the widely suggested idea for writing the introduction of research papers. Students are asked to put their focus on introducing their research topic as good and interesting as they can. A good introduction lets you achieve half the marks. But, the importance of conclusion can never be underestimated. A research paper is considered incomplete, without a conclusion. Most research scholars feel stuck, while writing their dissertation, that there is nothing left to describe and write anything else.
Introduction and conclusion are the two most important parts of a research document. If introduction encourages readers to read the report thoroughly, conclusion makes them think and act. You conclusion are your words, your thoughts, and your implications; it establishes you as a writer and thinker.
Great many old movies are remembered today just because of their offbeat, interesting ending or conclusion - neither the actors, nor the directors, nor the awards, but their ends. Their unique ending made them special.
Conclusions establish a hint of closure, or the scope of further research to a thesis. It closes the research discussion, without actually closing it completely. A conclusion should implicate why and how the thesis and research was important on this topic. It should denote a sense of completeness to your write-up. The finale of your research should be self-sufficient in leaving a considerable impact on the mind of the reader. Conclusion gives you the last chance to impress your readers. In the below droplets of the article, there are explained some ideas to structure the conclusion for your research report.
Link the introduction - Most research writers introduce their thesis with real like examples. And concluding the paper with the same idea, by giving that example a solution would be helpful. You can restate a sentence or phrase, from the intro, in your concluding lines. It is the most followed strategy by research scholars. Using the same example helps you put your point that your findings and discussions were actually helpful for the said problem.
Show your readers that your research is helpful for them. By concluding your research, you have to prove that your research is helpful for the good of the society. Tell them, by following your research, they can be benefited a great way.
Never summarize your thesis. To lessen their burden, most writers summarize their thesis in the concluding paragraphs. However, it is not recommendable at all. Repeating and summarizing the research would be unethical, as you have already discussed your points descriptively. However, in elementary school, we are taught to summarize the essay to conclude it, but this would be a terrible practice to follow, when writing research paper. You can use the summary of your points or discussions in the paper, but make sure it does not look a repeat what has already been said in the paper.
Call to action - By raising the problem at the beginning of the essay, you have pulled the attention of your readers; now, it is the time to suggest them a call to action; ask them to apply your findings and suggestions in their lives.
Link the future - You can implicate a better future with your research and findings, by ending it in an optimistic manner. By giving examples, you can put your point that your work is helpful for future generations. This way, they might take your words positively, and apply your research in their lives.
For example:
"... without well-qualified teachers, schools are little more than buildings and equipment. If higher-paying careers continue to attract the best and the brightest students, there will not only be a shortage of teachers, but the teachers available may not have the best qualifications. Our youth will suffer so will the future."
(The above text is taken from an online article, raising the issue of dreadful education system.)
For shorter research papers, of two to three pages, one concluding paragraph would be sufficient. On the other hand, for longer works, more than one paragraph might be required. Most importantly, the first sentence of concluding paragraph should be what this thesis was about. After which, you should try to connect your findings and their relevance.
About the Author:
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