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Interstellar Travel: The Methods That's Been Created For Star Travel Over 85 Years

by Jessie R Johnson

posted in Reference and Education

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Interstellar travel are the methods created for star travel over an 85 years span of time or since 1930 and equals 45-50 ideas. Humans can achieve interplanetary travel and interstellar travel today as of this year in 2015. Intergalactic travel as of this date has no known system that can achieve such a feat. Interstellar travel could have been done in 1990 with low to medium level mechanics. Today's accumulated mechanical, electrical and electronic advancements make it even easier than it would've been in 1990. What makes interstellar travel possible is the way it in fact can be done. Many people believe that it's too difficult but it isn't.
A list of most of the ideas people have thought of to get to the next star system appears below. Almost all of these concepts have one fatal flaw of which will be stated later. To begin: (A) projects: enzmann star ship, hyperion, NASA research, 100 years star ship, icarus. (B) slow: unscrewing ships, fast: unscrewing ships, nano probes, generation ships, suspended animation or stasis, frozen embryos, interstellar island hopping, time dilation craft, constant acceleration. (C) warp drive, teleportation. (D) nuclear fission powered, ion rocket, fission electric, fission fragment, nuclear pulse, nuclear fusion propulsion, anti-matter rockets, external energy source rocket.
Also: (E) interstellar ramjets, beamed propulsion, pre-accelerated fuel, quark matter propulsion, hawking radiation, alcubierre drive, artificial gravity control, wormholes, blackholes. These are some of the methods created for star travel over 85 years of time. This also includes: (F) rocket ship the size of the empire state building, solar sails, NASA star ship. (G) ESP or extra sensory perception, download human minds into a computer and send the computer, zero point energy propulsion. (H) egg ships, Genetically make humans live to be 100,000 years old (Longevity system), pick up fuel along the way (scoop), use lack of gravity, beamed energy, tachyon propulsion, instantaneous interstellar travel (Bell's non-localization law), electromagnetic rail guns. (I) photonic drive, planck energy propulsion, giant space ark.
These 47 or 48 should give anyone the conclusion that humans are determined to send something to another star system. Other than using electromagnetic waves (which automatically travel at 186,000 miles/sec) all of these ideas have one fatal flaw: TOO MUCH MASS. Mass takes energy to accelerate. The faster the mass is to go the more energy needed. The more mass there is to be sent the more energy needed.
The principle of interstellar travel is simple: a very small quantity of mass (2-20 milligrams) is accelerated up to 25,000 miles/sec in the isolation of space using several kilowatts of power. This method is the only method that will work and there's a means to do it.
About the Author: has information on what it takes to star travel. Dr. Jessie R. Johnson is an Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician, Inventor and Machinist.
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