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How To Have A Good Night Call Which Brings Him Closer

by Jamee Light

posted in Relationships

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Saying Good Night Never Felt So Good
Knowing how to say good night on a phone call will bring your relationship closer.
You can do as you have always done, talk as if you are a reporter - giving him a factual account of your day -when he asks how are you, how was your day - you can say as an example - "I went to the grocery store, I took the car in for a wash", this and that as if you are reporting. Also, and as you have always done - you could continue to do what you are doing while talking with him- continue doing the dishes, washing your face, putting your clothes away, getting ready for bed.
Instead I suggest you STOP...
1. When you hear the phone ring -Stop doing whatever you are doing
2. Pick up your cat, a stuffed animal, a plush blanket - something to pet
3. Go to your bed, couch, comfortable chair - lying down is best, leaning back/reclining is what is needed
4. Unzipping your heart
5. You answer Hiiiiiiiiiiii! - but if possible you say it from your vagina - some place deep in your body, as sensuously as you can
6. He says Hi! And then he asks how you are?
7. You say - "Great - it is great to hear your voice"
8. You wait - you don't try to fill in the conversation, might be tough for you to do
9. He says - "What's new, what did you do today?"
10. Here is where you don't "report" which would be like "I went to the store, I talked with my daughter, I paid some bills."
11. Instead like a poet you say "It felt so good to be laughing with some friends" or maybe "the sun felt so good on my face when I went for a walk" - something using feeling words
12. He says something
13. You bring the conversation to the present moment with something like this "It feels so quiet outside"
14. He says something.
15. You feel the conversation coming to a close
16. You close it with "I feel so relaxed and sleepy - can't wait to get between the sheets, I feel I will say good night and will be dreaming about you."
If he doesn't say - "maybe I'll come over and join you" just then and there, he probably will say " I can't wait to see you, is Saturday good for you?"
You can use modifications of this for daytime calls, texts, emails.
About the Author: Let me know how it goes when/if you try The Good Night Call...
Feel free to contact me for help with this or some other tools. Visit my website-there are bunches of tools there.
For the time being I am offering free 1/2 hour coaching sessions. I also have lots of tools to share with you on my website. If you feel that romantic relationships are not possible for you for whatever reason, I am here to help you make them possible. If I can experience them, I know it is possible for you.
Looking forward to helping you realize This Is Your Time For Love...
Jamee Light
Certified Rori Raye Coach
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