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Turning Mr Wrong Into The One

by Jamee Light

posted in Relationships

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You're ready, you've heard about on-line dating; you decide to try it.
You create your profile.
You get some 'bites', and then one asks to take you out for something you're not excited about.
You're also not excited by him, his picture actually turns you off; but you have nothing else to do, so you say yes.
You meet, your feelings are validated, you're not attracted, but you figure you'll give it a try. You've learned some relationship tools you would like to practice and now you can on him.
The date is tolerable, more fun than staying home. Occasionally you connect with each other.
But, you can't imagine being physical with him - you've yet to be physical with anyone since your last relationship. You go out for several more dates with him, he becomes more interesting, more connecting, but you still do not think you can be physical.
All of this is not made up, it happened to me.
How did I change this relationship to be the most loving relationship I've ever had?
I had the fortune of seeing a lap/chair dance teacher giving a lesson - it was part of a relationship course I was taking. She caught my attention. She was an ordinary, pretty, down-to-earth, seemingly well-educated, well-traveled young lady. She said it was easy to do lap dancing and one could do it at their own pace at their own comfort/skill level. After giving us some opening instructions about picking music we liked, lighting candles to illuminate instead of electrical lights, wearing clothes in easily removable layers, she demonstrated for us.
It actually turned me on. I got excited about doing it and decided I would try to learn how to do one routine - at my level. I watched a few more lap dances of others on YouTube and came up with a very simple one. As I was doing it I had a revelation - I probably was not allowing myself to relate physically in my new relationship. I needed to loosen up.
I had fun practicing the dance; it continued to turn me on, something I wasn't used to - I'm 69.
I decided I would tell the man I had been dating, that I was practicing doing lap dances. It took courage. He sounded really surprised, but he said "why don't you practice on me?"
I decided to do just that, and amazingly our relationship totally changed.
I'm in the most loving, sexually beautiful relationship I've ever been in.
I love his touches. He said the other day that I'm the most beautiful woman he has ever met, and I often feel 'I can't help but putting my hands on him'. When I tell him that he smiles a real sexy smile. We are still going strong, a year and half after our first date.
If this can happen to me, believe me it is more than possible for you.
It was and is a lesson for me about giving a Mr. Wrong a chance; I'm really glad I did.
About the Author: Write me if you try this. I would love to hear how it went for you. Or if you need encouragement to try it, I can probably give you some pointers.
If you would like to have a truly loving relationship, one which you dreamed of but couldn't imagine being for you, email me for a free report and free 30 minute coaching session. Love is yours to have, a couple of tweaks here and there and it is yours.
Certified Rori Raye Coach
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