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When It Is Really Over - Irrevocably

by Jamee Light

posted in Relationships

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I found him - I was 68 years old. We had been together for almost two years; finally found someone who actually loved me equally, we radiated love- the type of couple others looked at when we walked into a room, others noticed the love - we had fun being affectionate in public... was able to share love, heated love - wonderful closeness, wonderful sex. Life was finally looking good. He had been out of work for over a year, just got a fantastic job, paid over 6 figures a year, was looking like both our futures were coming up to more togetherness, more of a future. He had just given me a diamond necklace.
Then the "shoe dropped". Joel had gotten a horrible cough. I went over on Friday night to his Annapolis condo, heard his horrible cough and decided to sleep on the living room couch. In the morning I took him to an emergency clinic. I left him at the door to park the car. When I walked into the clinic- Joel was lying on the floor - the ambulance was called and everything got worse and worse from that point. In three weeks he was gone - permanently. No more would I be seeing him, holding hands sensuously, kissing deeply, making love, cooking sensuously in the kitchen, snuggling watching a movie together. No more would we be planning the future together.
It was final, nothing I could do about it - it was not negotiable, the unbelievable had happened, Joel was gone, I would never see him again, never hear his sexy voice again.
It's been 4 months since Joel was no more. Luckily I forced myself into circular dating (dating numerous men) the weekend after he had died, forced myself to be out in the world again. My intention-oriented meditation was successful, extremely helpful - during the meditation holding on to what I imagined what I wanted the future to be. I am again in a loving relationship. Changing my vibrations/changing my state of "beingness"/changing my energy by doing things to make it more positive/higher... allowed the Universe to match that energy and attuned I was able to receive something more.
Knowing how to do this type of meditation, knowing the relationship tools that Rori Raye has taught me and using them... new love was easy to come about. What I had been given as gifts from my relationship with Joel were/are enabling me to nourish my new relationship.
About the Author: If you have this type of loss or some other irrevocable loss in a relationship, let's talk. I am positive I could help you find love again. Or if you would like to learn about circular dating, what I mean by "beingness", or meditating to specifically bring good experiences in your life, Email me at for a free 1/2 hour session or sign up on the Let's Connect page on my website is one of China’s leading e-commerce platforms. We strive to offer you the best quality goods, service and prices - Banggood will give you the best bang for your buck! We are constantly researching and developing new products to expand our range, which already totals over 100,000, and h
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