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How You Can Get Your Ex Back

by Charlie Naylor

posted in Relationships

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The first thing to do is to let all your emotions out. Surely, if you want to get your ex-girl or boyfriend back, he or she means a lot to you then you must love her/him, very much, so you are hurt badly. Well, shout let it all out! Do not be afraid to cry if I want to. Perhaps you want to have a smoke or a drink even if you never did before? Well, it won't do you any harm. Just don't fall into hard drinking, because that way you will never have a chance to get your ex back.
If you need to talk, you can call your best friend, or anyone else, anyone but your ex-girl or boyfriend. Don't even think of letting her/him see you or hear from you for some time. If you don't want to share your pain with anyone - don't. Just write your story down on paper and burn it. The main thing is to avoid keeping the pain inside you.
Spend a couple of days like that and then get busy with some activity. Go to the gym, ideally. Working out will also cure your mental health. What matters is that you are tiered to the limit when going to bed, fall asleep in no time without being able to think about anything or anyone, even your ex-girl or boyfriend. It's worth spending a couple of weeks like that. During that time, take care of yourself, work out in the gym or at home, make positive changes to your appearance, like getting a new haircut/hairdo or buying new clothes, go out with friends, go out on a date or two.
And now that you have calmed down a little, just sit down and think things through carefully. Think about your relationship and consider it sensibly, without emotion. Think about everything that happened, not only the good things, but also the bad things you experienced together.
Try to understand yourself and understand why your girlfriend left.
What ex's say the most when they leave?
• We are not right for each other, we are not compatible
• You're not the one
• I do not want a relationship, I need to be alone for a while
• It's all because of me, you are not guilty, I made such a decision myself
• Our relationship has changed and is not the same as it was before
Of course, these words may be true, but they may as well be a complete nonsense. You will never know. It's better not to pay much attention to what he/she says when leaving you. Any incompatibility can be corrected. There is one thing that is obvious: there is something in your relationship that he/she is not quite happy with. That's for sure.
So what should to do to get your ex-girl or boyfriend back?
Here are the Top 5 mistakes guys and girls make when trying to get their ex back. Things you should NOT do:
• Trying to convince your ex using logic
• Begging him/her, telling him/her that you will not survive without him/her
• Showering him/her with gifts, flowers, money, attention
• Threatening him/her
• Using common friends, asking them to convince your ex to get back to you
None of these things work! Doing so will just destroy all your chances to successfully getting your ex-girl or boyfriend back.
Give it some time, and then start communicating with him/her by text messaging or calling him/her on the phone, just try to establish friendly contact, talk to him/her but don't tell him/her you love him/her and miss him/her, just yet.
To get started, ask your ex out. Don't call it a date. Just tell him/her you would like to see him/her and to talk to him/her. Not about your relationship, no way! Just something completely abstract. Let your ex start to trust you again. If your relationship was serious and long-lasting, there will be no problem here.
When on the date with your ex-girl or boyfriend, ideally you want it to be his/her idea to get back together. You just want to be yourself (attractive, happy). Don't start talking about your breakup. It will do you no good. That relationship is over, and if you do get back together, this will be a completely new love story.
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