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The Five Worst Scenarios Involving the New Love Interest of Your Ex

by Doug Poe

posted in Relationships

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A woman wrote to Dear Abby this week after her husband left her for her best friend. Obviously the writer was having difficulty dealing with the situation, not only for her personal heartache but for the sake of her children as well.
It is hard to imagine having to live through that, seeing as how you lose your spouse as well as your closest confidante. I suppose one you could derive a little comfort, perhaps, by considering situations that could be even more awkward.
Another letter to Dear Abby years ago was written by a woman whose husband left her for her nineteen year old niece. Apparently the girl stood up at a family picnic to announce the relationship, and shortly thereafter the husband himself confessed and filed for divorce. He married the niece, who became stepmother to her cousins.
Hollywood has had its share of awkward romances, walking that delicate line between incest and family members not related by blood. Benjamin Bradford in ""The Graduate" bedded Mrs. Robinson, the mother of the girl he soon married. Humbert romanced his step-daughter in "Lolita."
Dismissing those fictitious scenarios from Academy-Award winning films, here are five worse people your ex could hook up with than your best friend.
Your Worst Enemy
Hopefully your best friend would suffer at least a modicum of guilt after taking up with your ex. Your worst enemy, however, would experience only precious delight from the relationship. Besides, he or she could also learn some of the secrets you shared with your ex, secrets you would not wish this despised person to know.
Your Sibling
Family gatherings would certainly be awkward if your ex began seeing your sibling. Your children would also struggle with the relationship, which would add some warps to the family tree.
Your Boss
You probably do not like him or her very much to begin with, but imagine that person who rates your work being intimate with your ex.
Your Employee
This situation might be even worse than the one above, seeing as your underling would be taking your place in your ex's bed. The only advantage this one carries is the fact that you could perhaps somehow fire the employee, but it would be smarter to just pray that he find a job somewhere else on his own.
Your Ex's New Partner's Ex
Right after my divorce I pursued the ex of my wife's new husband. Thank goodness the woman did not allow it to go too far, considering the perplexing situation it would have burdened our primary grade-school children with.
About the Author:
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