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4 Strategies to Create Balance in Your Relationship

by Joanna L Cox

posted in Relationships

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Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. We're bright, creative and able to make connections. However, as entrepreneurs we're not always easy to be in a relationship with. We're constantly looking ahead and planning accordingly for our businesses, and tend to lose sight of the importance of long-term relationships because we know that we have the support of our loved ones. Unfortunately, this results in conflict due to misunderstandings and hurt feelings, and sometimes the relationship takes a back-seat to the business.
So what can you do to create balance in your relationship?
1. Set a date night once a week
Both of you write down what you would like to do on a date night on a piece of paper. On your first date, go out for dinner and discuss your lists with each other. Take turns going down your lists and ask; would you agree to do this with me? If yes, then put a check mark beside it and move on. Once you both have your lists checked, she writes hers down on a pink piece of paper and he writes his down on blue. Cut them out and put them in a jar and shake it up. Have fun with the jar. Barter for who gets to choose and be sure your date nights don't involve cell phones armed and ready on the table. Put them away and remind yourself to be present.
2. Quality time together for introverts & extroverts
Who says you always have to go out to spend time together. Staying in and spending time is ideal for the introvert, but if your significant other is an extrovert, they will be longing to get out for some excitement. Create a balance so both of your needs are fulfilled.
3. Set your priorities at home and stick to them
Pick up an agenda or organizer and leave it open on your kitchen island or somewhere in a high traffic area to manage your home life and activities. Jot down family appointments, extra-curricular activities for the kids, golf games, date nights. Be sure to give each other some alone time as well as time together each week. Leave love notes words of encouragement.
4. Identify and act on each other's love convincers
There are five ways that we show our love to each other. Affection, giving gifts, doing things together, words of affirmation, and doing things for each other. The best way to find out your spouse's love convincers is to pay attention to how they show their love to you. We give what we expect in return. Naturally, when you bring home flowers that go unappreciated, it's not because they don't care, it's because that's not their love convincer. They may just need to be held, or to hear that they're loved, or to spend some quality time with you, or they just may appreciate you doing a little something for them.
So make the investment in your personal life part of your business strategy because a happy home life affects the success of your business.
About the Author:
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