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True Friends - What Does That Really Mean?

by Ryan D Neely

posted in Relationships

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When it comes to important things in life, ironically they can be explained with a few words or principles. In this case I would like to speak about the true meaning of friendship. Before I go any further, I would like to admit that I am not an expert on friendship. However, I am an individual who has been blessed to have at least one or two best friends in my lifetime in which I knew I could trust, share secrets with, as well as receive honest advice and encouragement from along with wholesome criticism. On that note, from my own point of view I would like to explain what I believe a true friendship withholds in three powerful but simple principles.
When it comes to trust there is a lot that is wrapped up in the word itself. As long as a friendship has trust I do not need to ask for honesty, loyalty, love, and other fruits of fellowship because trust brings all of those things about. That is why I am wrapping at a lot of the heartfelt principles that you may want to add to the list all in this one word.
Trust is everything. You sit in a chair because you trust it will hold you. You choose to drink certain drinks because you trust they will satisfy you. And finally, you share your feelings and ideas only with the people you trust will respect them.
Along with trust, there will be time for one another in a true friendship. You will want to spend time together and will therefore make time for each other. Nobody else will be able to replace the fellowship you share with your real friends or best friends and you will feel awkward when you are not around them and try to commingle with others of different tastes. However, these times are good for you as well as they help you to see who your true friends are and why you choose to spend your time with them.
When it comes to making time for one another, it will seem as if nothing else matters when you are with them. Others who are not true or lonely will be envious of the fellowship you share with your friends and want to have a friend for themselves like yours. They will see the way you mesh with your companion and wish they could relate to somebody on their level. Altogether, the way you spend time with your buddy will be a testimony to others on what life can and should be like when you have somebody around who you can trust.
Last, but never to conclude the subject of friendship's picture will be the fact that your friend and you will share a special bond of creativity. You will never want to be bored in each other's presence. You will always think of and come up with unique things you can do in order to keep the friendship warm.
Also, when it comes to things that you both enjoy you will consider new ways to make what is good better and what is great perfect.
Your creativity will help to bring out the best in each other. You will want to see each other succeed not only in your friendship but in each other's lives as a professional, student, or whatever it is that the two of you are doing and pursuing. You will desire to be trailblazers in your creativity as you will seek to come up with things that others have not done or tried before even though they may have been thought of.
I believe that along with trust and having time for each other, creativity is one of the most important ingredients in a friendship. Many relationships get stale because they simply become predictable and boring and the excitement fades. Therefore, they start looking to others for a fresh feeling simply because they are bored and not necessarily because they no longer like each other. However, to the other friend it seems as if they are no longer liked and therefore the two of them simply drift away due to a lack of creativity.
About the Author:
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