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Bridging the gulf with the seven fold blessing

by Joseph Jagde

posted in News and Society : Religion

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Isaiah Chapter 11 verses 15 and 16 read as follows from the NIV version of the Bible:

5 The LORD will dry up
the gulf of the Egyptian sea;
with a scorching wind he will sweep his hand
over the Euphrates River.
He will break it up into seven streams
so that anyone can cross over in sandals.
16 There will be a highway for the remnant of his people
that is left from Assyria,
as there was for Israel
when they came up from Egypt.

The end result of the sweeping powerful presence of the Lord here is the individual or individuals standing free and clear of the gulf or impediment whatever it might be and facing a seven fold blessing that can be traversed and followed forward.

There is an allusion to the Red Sea crossing that might intervention of the Hand of the Lord depicted quite well in the movie the Ten Commandants with Charlton Heston.

Initially, the gulf is unbridgeable; those facing the gulf cannot pass through and it is an impossible thoroughfare and the obstacles take on towering proportions.

.The scorching wind from the sweeping presence of the Spirit will dry up the Egyptian see.

Scorching represents heat which will dry up the seas and also the image of fire has been associated with the Holy Spirit.

But this imagery shows that the Lord will match up his intervention with what needs to be done to bridge the gulf

For example snow on top of the sea would just augment that it was impassable. Only the scorching wind would bring about the result of making the seas passable to pedestrian walkers in sandals.

Whatever the gulf is in the life of an individual or a group of individuals, the matching presence of the Lord can be there to bridge that gulf or gap.

If it is financial for example the Lord can break up that gulf and bring about a passageway to walk through.

If it simply a closed door where the links on the bridge are not there, and it could be just one missing link, the Lord will provide that one or several missing links to build that bridge across what was previously and impassable

And even unsearchable gulf as the Lord will also be your search party in going forward and finding the way for you.

What seemed impossible to yourself or whomever you might be interceding for even from the point of view of you as the intercessor, can be changed from impassable to easily passable by the powerful intervening presence of the Holy Spirit,

Really, these verses are showing that the Lord can build a highway out of no where to the blessings.

Freedom is given and maintained as those now blessed can walk freely and easily into the blessings, simply wearing sandals and there is no catch to it, or no hidden agenda that will be subsequently quenching the fire of the blessing.

This alone point to the idea of at times simple prayer as the way to and through as a simple prayer related to the symbolism of walking forward with sandals and not with say a mighty army, will get to that mystical highway and mysterious place of blessing from the hand of the Lord.

The most giant of obstacles, might be lifted and overcome with the simplest of prayers.

The blessing depicted here is seven fold.

He breaks up the sea into seven streams, which represents that not one but a seven fold unfolding of blessings will be there for those who are to now traverse this new highway.

Streams and the imagery of streams represent that the Spirit will meet you where you are at, he will not come at us with a raging torrent as that would be too difficult to handle, rather the seeable, doable, able to handle situation of streams is matching up where the sojourner with sandals is at.

A major theme of these verses is that even while facing large gulfs either personally or nationally, the Lord can bridge these gulfs but look not only for one way but seven ways and seven answers and seven blessings,

Even with facing the meanest and most difficult of obstacles or gulfs, still bring forth prayer requests in asking for the seven fold blessings on getting past this gulf and moving freely into the Lord's highway of blessings for you and others that traverse this highway either with you, before you or after you, within the vastness of these graces that are now presenting through the sweeping presence of the Lord which can extend all throughout the earth in the here and now.



About the Author:
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