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Gps To The Star From The Traditional Positioning Technology Increasingly Rich Rfid

by dudu

posted in Business : Sales Training

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Similar things in many years, to find what they need, many people in life are often problems. I take it to school when the distress is frequently encountered: the scores of more than 100 vehicles, bicycles or even in, find their bike, which especially after the trouble in the snow, because they all look so similar to a bike .

HC screen Special Indian network Today, there is a technology can help people solve the "find stuff" problem, it is the location technology??? The use of information technology tools to tell the user an object's location information. Is the most professional global positioning system positioning system (GPS), including military, law enforcement, public transportation, taxi dispatch, logistics, planning many trades, including the global positioning system users. High precision global positioning system, but the system is more complex, general users, as well as on mobile positioning technology based on radio frequency tags can also be considered.

Positioning king?? GPS GPS is the United States from the 20th century started to develop a system of 70 years, the last 20 years, costing 20 billion U.S. dollars in the system, built in 1994, system consists of 24 satellites in high-altitude group information. Each satellite to 55 ° equiangular evenly distributed in six orbital planes, and 58 minutes to 11 hours period of time running around the Earth. In each satellite contains both the location and time signal. Client's GPS device, anywhere on earth can receive the signal at least 5 satellites.

GPS is a set with the sea, land and air full-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning capabilities of the new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system. After ten years the use of many of the world that the professional sector, GPS has the all-weather, high precision, automation, high efficiency and other notable features. Today, GPS receivers client size is shrinking, more and more clients with high accuracy, and even has appeared in some high-end mobile phones, laptops, etc. Electronic Products.

Popular tool?? Mobile location GPS powerful, but requires special equipment to use the client, which are detrimental to the broad population coverage. However, in the areas of emergency services, the user is often an urgent need to know their location. Therefore, some countries began to consider the use of mobile phone penetration rate of high end devices that provide location information. United States Communicate In 1996, the Commission adopted the Enhanced 911 Act (amended again in 1999), this bill requires mobile phone operators must know the location of each mobile phones (50 to 100 meters error within the error). A phone call to any U.S. emergency services telephone 911, the government must know its place, even if the users themselves do not know where I live. The bill, forcing carriers started to develop mobile positioning system.

In the mobile communication network, the earliest is based on the code base station positioning technology, which get the user from the network side where the current base station to obtain the user's current location information, its accuracy depends on the distribution of mobile base stations and coverage of size, may reach several kilometers in urban areas, while rural areas may be more than ten kilometers of the error. In order to improve the accuracy, operators began to consider triangular operator position, which is the cellular telephone network, a self-positioning technology, it is the use of mobile phone base station signals received in different time lag to reach the phone, through the software algorithm to calculate where the user latitude and longitude.

Today, the most advanced mobile location technology is Qualcomm's GPSone technology, which is using the global positioning system positioning systems and mobile phone hybrid positioning technology?? In the global positioning system satellite line of sight is all / part of the block of the situation triangulation using CDMA technology under the auxiliary position so that two different position location technology advantages and disadvantages of the environment are complementary.

Positioning star?? RFID Addition to mobile phone location technology, radio frequency tags (RFID) technology is also the general public can locate areas of concern, it can be arranged by the user to locate a specific area, such as car parks, ski resorts. Specific locations in these regions (eg, key import and export) placed RFID reader, the system can immediately detect objects with RFID devices in any location, it works like a key position in a number of guards on the arrangements for the registration of past articles , need to find a specific query about an object when the guards as long as the registration information on it.

From the health sector to the manufacturing industry, an important place in real-time data and the positioning of the local transportation needs, have appeared in the figures of RFID positioning system. Number of applications such as the UK Hospital RFID positioning system Medical Devices , Health care equipment to locate and track medical equipment to reduce theft and other incidents; Toyota Car Established in the automotive supply chain RFID positioning system, the system reduces labor costs, the workflow automation, and the system will tell employees where to go get car; a Colorado ski resort is the world's first for the visitors with positioning device ski, ski tourists to bring in the built-in RFID will be around after the strap ski reader to detect the use of this system, visitors can see their partners in the ski position.

RFID positioning system does not need satellite or cell phone network, its accuracy is the distribution of RFID reader, and reader by the user's own distribution can be set according to actual needs, is suitable only in specific regions positioning of the user, has a very high practical value. According to the survey, only the year 2005, global enterprises using RFID location technology than the previous year increased by 3 times.

About the Author:

I am Frbiz Site writer, reports some information about philips dictaphone , voice operated recorder.

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