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Marketing Homework: Print Buyers Really Want Is What

by xt

posted in Business : Sales Training

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Print buyers want? Answer to this question a lot: cost, quality, value-added services and environmental performance, but the above printing to meet customer requirements, and even more for their interests? Are lower prices the way they only can go?

Future Publishing Group's publishing division Future Plus customer's business manager MatthewEglinton that many people around them are based on the price to buy the product, but he is not. He said: "We have to be concerned about printing services and products they want. If they only cheaper, then I would not buy the bed of roses print."

To help the elderly will (Helpthe Aged), senior print buyer LisaKendall, price is a key issue, but other factors can not be ignored. She said: "As a charity, we must improve efficiency in the use of funds, and this is our main goal, but we will not only buy the cheapest things. If the printing of the asking price is expensive, but it can provide us with quality service, then we will bring order to them. "

Royal Horticultural Society's production of competent DianaLevy also agree with the former view, he thinks the price is important, but if a company can not provide customers with high quality services, that prices were lower in vain. He has also cost the company Cooperation However, the final result but he was very depressed.

Reaction of these people may make some of the printing new lease of life. As a printer, we must reject the price of an order to see the bad habits, the only way to gain long-term relationship, if you want to print buyers had to maintain good relations, we must, when they need to provide timely effective help.

Pureprint company's marketing manager, print buyer RichardOwers that the price factor should be set aside, to find a constructive and cooperative relations. Once the print buyer to determine the relationship with certain companies, you can start with their more extensive and deeper cooperation in the.

Black Sun Corporate Reporting the company's creative director JonHoneywill've always enjoyed the British FTSE (FTSE) 100 strong business cooperation, he said: "We need to find a 4-5 major Printing services Suppliers, and willing to work with them to establish long-term relationship. In cases of emergency, these printers can help us to make effective adjustments to living conditions. "

Innovation and value print buyers should be the main goal. TPF's Purchase Manager JamieOverland explained: "As a print buyer, we have a selection criteria. Once the printing plant to prove to us their capabilities and reliability, we will establish with its long-term friendly relations of cooperation. In addition, we hope that these printers can provide the basis of basic services, provide us with a number of value added services. printing is good or bad depending on their production quality and speed of response to customer requirements. "

"Fitness" is also a print buyer should take into account a problem. This means that the production printing customers to understand the intention, and for them an innovative solution. Kendall's Eglinton recognize her if the printer can not bring some new things, she was very disappointed.

Overland quarterly and print service providers will meet to discuss the appropriate production problems. Printing can also be readily available to customers to explore new technologies or new tools. He said: "If a printer according to the actual situation of our clients, put forward the corresponding analog solutions, then I will right this printing impressed, because it not only demonstrated its initiative, but also to prove that it really seriously thought about our business needs.

About the Author:

I am China Quality Digital writer, reports some information about arbequina olive , canned oysters.

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