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The Sky is Falling! Overcoming Fear of Success

by Samantha Kerik

posted in Business : Sales Training

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What to do when fear seeps into your business and you need to overcome fear of success?

For any reason when you get to a certain point in your business and you start creating quality content and you start to build your following, and a nervous breach may come over you and you can start allowing fear into the crossroads of success or the failure of your business. Your business has reached that point of no return; how are you overcoming fear of success? In this point in your business, you need to make a choice, what will you will choose? "Today I will succeed..." or "I am too scared to allow success into my life and fail... Again?"

Now is the optimum time to start talking to mentors and friends who are successful. Stand clear of those who discourage you - When fear sets in, the best thing to do to overcoming fear of success is to take this time and full throttle your self maintenance! What you DO want to be doing is taking advantage of listening to positive audio, creating positive self talk, exercising and looking after yourself. And Stay on track! Contribute at least ONE money-making activity for your business every day! Now, more than ever, you want to keep your confidence high.

One of the best things that I have learned to overcoming fear of success is that when you feel fear, not to hide it, but to use it; because you should know that when you start feeling nervous, or scared, that first the fear will want to keep you paralyzed and you NEED to keep moving forward, and second that those that you are teaching or that are following will probably at some point feel scared too.

The best way to help them, is to be honest with them, they are there to learn from you and to gain as much knowledge they can from you, and to do just that, you must be honest in your work.

If you took 2 steps backwards you can understand insecurity. Stress, the feeling of anguish, of stagnation, and putting yourself in a standstill, trying to understand...where you stand!..Not only in Business, but in life! The feeling that if you move in any direction you could explode. If you stay still you will stagnate and rot.... The Question left for you is How are you going to leverage your position into profitability and education? How are you overcoming your fear of success?

What a dilemma that can leave you, a completely confused mindset. Success or Failure. Backwards or forwards?

For many, when it comes down to it, overcoming fear of success really is a big deal. Often more discouraging than Fear of Failure, because you have created your own circle of self sabotage. A great motto to live by, is feel the fear... and do it anyway. I mean think about it this way, you've already made the choice to take the step towards your success - so why sabotage it? Why even give yourself an ounce of doubt. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Jump off the cliff. You deserve it for You. You have the roadmap to success. If not call me, I'll help you build it. The tools are available for you to succeed. Overcoming fear of success is the hardest thing to get past, but you can, and when you do it is all WORTHWHILE. Wherever the fear sits for you... just feel the fear, and do it anyway. You've come this far, don't give up! Bulldoze through that nasty, dark and create magnificence!

I'll see you on the other side;)

About the Author:

Samantha is a young entrepreneur who is part of what is arguably to be the World's Largest Internet Marketing School available today!  Learn more about the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching program and start learning some of the Top Internet Marketing Strategies that You can implement to marketing and branding your business Today!

Samantha started her journey as a dreamer and after going through her own consistent set of transformation processes grew a deep rooted passion to teach and lead others how to achieve their own dreams, goals, and success. Get to know More about Samantha by Visiting

For more information on how you can either create an Online Home Business or Transform an existing one into a more thriving and profitable experience, please visit: to experience and enroll in the World's Largest and Most Successful Internet Marketing School.  You can start learning some of the Top Internet Marketing Tactics to start Building the Most Successful Business Online!

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