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Remove Sysinternals Antivirus - How to Remove Sysinternals Antivirus Quickly

by bloo sea

posted in Computers and Technology : Security

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What is Sysinternals Antivirus?

Sysinternals Antivirus is fake anti-spyware program which imitates a legitimate antimalware application and belongs to the notorious Antivirus Live family of rogue malware. It acts in the same manner as its predecessors, Antivirus Soft and Sysinternals Antivirus, by trying to convince users to buy a license for the software. Sysinternals Antivirus enters a user's computer via Trojans that arrive at the user's system via infected PDF files. Once it has been installed on the user's system, Sysinternals Antivirus starts performing fake system scans at regular intervals, returning results that claim that the user's system is under serious threat. It also creates a number of harmless files that it later detects as dangerous viruses. Sysinternals Antivirus uses a Windows-style GUI and pop-ups generated from the Windows taskbar to convince users that this is the real thing. Then it claims that the currently installed ‘trial' version is inadequate to remove the previously detected false ‘threats and urges the user the pay for the ‘full' version of the software. However, the ‘full' version is no more capable of cleaning a user's system than the ‘trial' version; therefore no user should ever purchase the false license to this rogue software.

How to Remove Sysinternals Antivirus?
Software behaviors that impair computer performance:

To remove Sysinternals Antivirus on your computer, you can try to find out the files with Sysinternals Antivirus on your PC. Are there any new programs installed recently on your computer? If you get Sysinternals Antivirus problems after installing some new applications then it is definitely that those applications are illegal software. They just want to attack you computer system and collect your private important information. Delete the files to remove Sysinternals Antivirus. Before moving on to more complex steps, start with the easiest route and check the Add/Remove Programs list in the Windows Control Panel. If the unwanted program is listed, simply highlight it and click the Remove button. In Windows Vista, the Add/Remove Programs feature is listed in Control Panel as Programs and Features. After removing the adware or Sysinternals Antivirus via Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs, reboot the computer. Of course, Sysinternals Antivirus sometimes is quite hard to be removed directly. In that case, you can try to go into the safe mode to remove Sysinternals Antivirus.

The second method to remove Sysinternals Antivirus completely is to remove cookies and delete registry entries which modified by Sysinternals Antivirus. This method can help you thoroughly clean and remove Sysinternals Antivirus from your computer. However, it is really a time consuming way to remove Sysinternals Antivirus. Additionally, if you are not a PC expert, it is high risk to delete registry entries manually because you don't know which registry entry is the bad one.

A highly recommended tool to remove rogue security software(Sysinternals Antivirus) is RegistryQuick which is available for free at Here t Before you try other programs, give RegistryQuick a try! You will be surprised!
You can get rid of Malware Quickly by clicking

About the Author:
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