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Tech Support for Safe Computer Use: Help Me Know the Difference between Virus and Trojan!

by Harry Tata

posted in Computers and Technology : Security

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Today, as part of your safe use of your computer while being online, you need to put in place right computer security practices.  You need to protect your PC and online use against virus, trojan, hijacker, spyware, worm, keyloggers, downloaders, phishers,and malware. What do they actually mean?

Virus is any software program that replicates itself.

Trojan is a program that changes system settings.  It can change setting of your internet use and reroute web pages.

Spyware is a program that tries to monitor your internet use.  While some spywares are installed silently in a hidden way, others appear as popups that are vaguely related with your internet search.

Worm is a virus that attempts to replicate itself throughout your computer network which you use to share files/folders etc.  It also tries to harness security flaws in the operating system.

Keyloggers are programs that seek to steal your passwords when you login to a particular site or online account.

Downloaders try to download software programs in the background.

Phisers are emails that are send with the purpose of stealing information.  They come with a link asking you to click in order to update your account, etc., which is nothing but a false claim.

Malware is a program that is created purposefully to  disrupt a system.  They include tricks to install unwanted programs together with software that you are convinced to install into.

In an environment where online use is a part and parcel of any individual or business house, running latest security patches are important.  It is best to choose a right technology partner who can take care of all your computer security needs at one place in an integrated way.  By paying a small monthly payment, you take precautions against any online threat that may harm you while being online.

Your online computer service provider can provide you excellent computer security services because it has specialized to provide tech support services in a very competitive way.  While providing you with a remote repair facility, it has large number of customers whose needs are similar to you.  As a result, costs involved for you as an individual customer is very low.  Yet, you get very specialized services for your  tech support needs in a remarkably outstanding way!

About the Author:

Harry Tata is a computer applications analyst, mathematician, and economists.  Having helped many small businesses grow big with his management advisory service, he now spends quality time with his online clients helping them on their computer support.  Harry believes that online remote support that is available 24x7 should be availed by every PC user today.  You can choose customized packages such as MS Office Repair and Installation and/or Virus Problems as per your needs.

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