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Computer Virus – The Most Vital Issue Nowadays

by Herrywillson

posted in Computers and Technology : Security

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Security is a vital issue when discussed globally and obviously computer is a part of our lives that fulfills a lot of the most critical aspects. Keeping computers secure is critical and the most important aspect. Spreading computer viruses is much easy due to impact of Internet, which is becoming popular day by day.

Computer viruses have become such a problem that they are now frequently mentioned in media and steps must be taken to protect your PC against viruses and be vigilant if spending a lot of time online.

The virus transmitting media could be e-mail or a downloaded file you download even if you do not install it. Multiple computers are getting infected every day and least precaution could make you the next one.

A small program having ability to duplicate itself is a computer virus, just like a real virus hence the name. Every format of virus either biological or computer is damaging.

After effect of virus attack could end up by displaying a simple message, or something very serious it could fully reformat your hard drive. It has been experienced that recent computer virus attacks are causing major disruption to both home computers and the networks of companies.

Originally people swapped disks with their friends were resulting to virus attack, but now Internet has been the most essential issue in the increase of computer viruses. Nowadays most viruses are spread via e-mail usage and file sharing on the Internet.

Currently thousands of viruses are in existence, and multiple new threats are produced each month.

During early days virus programs were written as pranks or experiments, where they wrote viruses just to observe what they can do with them. But later it was carried with hostile intentions and they took great delight writing computer viruses to harm websites or damage people's computers.

Viruses tend to fall into two major types, Worms or Trojan horses, but just to complicate things Trojan horses, can be a type of worm.

A Computer Worm is a self replicating program, the first worm to gain wide attention was the Morris Worm this infected a large number of computers. Trojan horses as the name implies are hidden viruses. This helps the program to get installed in the first place. They then quietly run in the background, while disseminating its malicious code.  

It is important to protect your computer against viruses and it can be very simply done by installing a good anti-virus program and keeping it up to date.  

Online virus removal is one of the most popular services offered now days and online services are claiming to completely clean viruses as long as the end user has a working internet connection.

Online virus removal support guarantees a virus-free life of your PC with no more complications. Just make sure that you are choosing the best antivirus software to enable a trouble-free computer usage experience.

Online support is provided by an enhanced team of computer experts for antivirus installation including virus protection through regular automated tasks, security settings in a proper manner.

About the Author:

Herry Willson is a content writer, working to scatter his purpose and valuable thoughts for computer users across the country. All online support technicians working with SupportMart are dedicated to ensure enhanced computer services like computer support, laptop support, setup and installation of windows, antivirus installation, printer support and computer optimization service through phone or chat or mail. To know more about services logon to

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