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Web Browser Redirect Virus

by Karen Allen

posted in Computers and Technology : Security

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Have you ever had your computers web browser redirect to another website that you never requested before? This has been a very big recent problem for many people and most of them think that their computer is defective or take it in and pay tons of money to have it repaired. This is in fact a known problem and it is actually a virus that is causing you all this stress.

Not long ago I was browsing online looking for something to buy and I kept getting redirected to wierd websites that I have never seen or heard of before. I noticed that this only happened when clicking on search results and I would have to press the back button and try it again a few times before it would go to the website I actually requested.

This was extremely annoying and really drove me crazy when I was in a hurry and needed to find something fast. I also noticed that it did not happy whenever I typed an address into the address bar. But I do not remember most websites by heart so it did not really help me. I called around a few computer repair stores and found that it would cost well over a hundred dollars in order to get my computer properly fixed.

I thought this was nuts considering that my computer is still very new and other than this web browser redirect virus I never had any other problems with it. I spent a few hours of my time trying to remove it myself but none of the software I have on my computer was able to detect the virus or any traces of it.

Just when I was about to give up I started reading about other people that had the same issues as me. I found that a man named Richard made a program that completely removes the Web Browser Redirect Virus without harming your computer. To me it made sense and did not cost as much as paying someone to professionally remove it for me.

I decided to make the dive and try it out and see if it would do the trick. After about 30 minutes it claimed to removed the virus from my machine and I tested it for the rest of the evening to see if I noticed anything different. I was happy that I was finally able to check out the websites I actually requested and not have to worry about being sent somewere I did not request. I am extremely glad that I do not have to deal with the Web Browser Redirect Virus anymore and I can finally enjoy my computer once again.

About the Author:

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