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Raise Your Confidence Instantly! My Secret Method Revealed!

by John Thomas

posted in Self Improvement : Self Esteem

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I have decided to tell you about one of my top confidence boasting secrets! This little method will sky rocket your confidence and make you feel like a new person by this time tomorrow! I know that sounds crazy but the truth is this is a very powerful method! Now with that being said I want to tell you it will make you 100% more confident overnight but it's not a long term confidence plan. I will have more on that later in the article.

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Just to let you know I have used this method and have had some amazing results in a short period of time. The method itself may seem a little silly to some people but the bottom line is it works if you have an important date to go on or something like that.

The Secret Confidence Boasting Method Revealed!

Ok so here it is! You got to become your end goal! Become with you have always wanted to be just for one day! Before I go deeper into this I want to explain why this works a little more. Basically increasing self confidence is all about the way you view yourself.

If you don't value yourself then you will not have much confidence. Of course it goes deeper than that but in the most basic sense this is the root of low self esteem. So I tried to come up with a unique method to boost confidence levels one day when I was brainstorming.

What I figured out was maybe some people are not confident because they feel like they should be doing something better in life. Now Imagine if you were doing something better in life and imagine how you would feel about yourself. Odds are if you were living the life of your dreams you would feel really good about yourself right?

A Light Bulb Went Off In My Head!

That's when I realized that everything in life is all about perspective. Think about it for a second would you? Everyone see's everything different that you. That is a fact and is key to becoming more confident. Let me give you an example of this for a second!


You see a black puppy that you think is the cutest puppy in the world! But your friend says it's not that cute, in fact he thinks the puppy is kind of ugly!

But wait? You know the puppy is the cutest! Why does your friend think the puppy is ugly? Well nobody really knows but it's just a case of perspective. Everyone see's everything just a bit differently than you do. So what am I trying to get at here you ask? What im trying to say is that you can change the way you view yourself and change your own perspective.

But if you can change your perspective then can't you change your confidence? The simple answer is yes you can! But in this case the change will only last for as long as you can keep the change going. As I said earlier this is not a long term plan but more of a short term plan.

So How Do I Do This Powerful Trick?

Ok so after all of that explaining im going to show you how to implement this trick now. You need to become your end goal here! So let's imagine that you have always wanted to be a famous movie star. In order for this to work you are going to have to "trick yourself" into believing it's real.

This is fun and it works! The first thing I recommend you to do is to make out a list of everything you want as this famous person. Yes that's right, you got to know what you have in order to become this famous person. Take out a sheet of paper and write down everything you have. Remember that you would be rich and making millions of dollars so you can have expensive items.

Make your list of everything you have and write it down as I said earlier. Now after this you should go online and start looking for pictures of these items. I know this kind of crazy but it's good to see what you already have. It sub consciously builds a belief in your mind that you have these items which makes it more real for you.

Dressing Like A Movie Star

Don't go overboard here to the point that you feel uncomfortable. Instead imagine what you would really dress like if you were at your end goal. In this case im using the example of a famous movie star. Imagine how you would dress if you were a movie star and do your best to pull together this outfit. Obviously you can't blow thousands on a new outfit odds are but put together a simple outfit that mimics the style at an affordable price.

Putting It All Together

Now you must start thinking like a movie star. If your a guy you surely would not stress trying to impress girls would you? No because any girl would consider themselves lucky to be with you. Same thing if your a girl here, any guy would love to be on a date with such a successful girl. Get into this mindframe and remember that you are famous and rich. People will flock to you because of your positive energy and charm.

In The End

I know this may sound silly and immature to some people reading this. But in reality it's a great exercise to do and can really work. You don't have to take it totally to the extreme for it work though. If you feel you don't want to buy the clothes that's fine.

The important thing to remember here is just to trick yourself into believing that you are this successful person. Once you trick yourself into believing this you will see that your attitude will change towards a much more confident person. Obviously you cannot 100% trick yourself into actually "knowing" you are this person but just a 75% belief level can really boost your confidence.


If you want more confidence secrets and methods then you should join my free newsletter. I go out of my way to make sure you solve your confidence problem. Plus im offering my exclusive confidence buddies private membership for free right now where I reveal all my secrets to you! Click here to join

About the Author:

I want to make sure you become more confident in yourself. Join my free newsletter and confidence building group at

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