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Tuning Into Your Spirit Guides

by Frank Perez

posted in Self Improvement

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Have you ever had that feeling that someone is watching you but when you turn around, there's no one there?
These feelings are one of the most common that you have when your spirit guide is present.
Spirit Guides communicate, or at least try to communicate with us in countless ways. It is important that you understand these different methods of communication as they happen as your Spirit Guides are doing everything in their power to alert you to something that you may be missing.
Have you ever at some point in your life just 'known' that what was happening or the decision that was being made was the correct one with no other verification than just blind faith? If not, don't stress. Not everyone receives messages in the same format! Those of you who have experienced this type of communication would have found it hard to explain to anyone else. Correct? It's just an internal, from the heart and soul 'knowing' that what you are doing is absolutely, without doubt, 100% correct. This is a message from your Spirit Guides to give you verification and support on that decision.
This is one of the more common forms of communication from your Spirit Guides and other loved ones who have crossed over. As you fall asleep, your body is naturally in a state that appears aligned spiritually. During sleep, your conscious mind - the part with all the doubts and worries, is put on the back burner and your spiritual side along with your subconscious takes control. When this happens, you allow yourself to be more open and 'in tune' with the spirit world. Messages come across easier and those who have passed can more readily come to visit. Have you ever had a 'dream' that was more real than reality? Of course you have. Most of us have! Don't ever dismiss these visits as pure fantasy. Learn to accept that you have visitors that are trying to help you in life, unconditionally. My son is still regularly visited by those who have passed. We never dump these visits into the category of 'it's just a dream' in our house. Write down these visits immediately upon awakening, before your conscious mind takes over fully. This will help you to remember more fully next time and allow you to be even more open.
Inner Ear
To clarify what it means to hear with 'the inner ear' - it means to hear things that seem to be coming from within you rather than from an outside source. Somewhat like talking to yourself or thinking. The difference being that the message that is coming through it something that it totally different to anything that you may have been thinking about.
Straight out communication that is clearly heard by yourself, when there's no one there. This type of message seem to come through when there is a clear urgency to it. Pay close attention to these and don't mess about. If you're driving along in your car and hear someone tell you to switch lanes, for no apparent reason (and there's no one else there with you) - CHANGE LANES!
Very common among psychics and mediums. The spirits show images, perhaps a number letter or some other type of image. It's a way that the Spirit Guides will try to convey a range of information regarding something that they feel you need to know about.
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