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5 Tips to Overcome Fear When You Are Close to Success

by Ru Gangadharan

posted in Self Improvement

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You go after what you want. You do all the right things. You kick off with a positive frame of mind. You visualize and create the opportunities. You take a leap of faith and begin.
It's all good, until you see the fruits of your labour just around the corner. You've done everything and now it's only a matter of time.
The closer you get to getting what you want; your excitement turns to something else. You start to experience a growing fear of losing so close to the finish line. You fear being in a situation where you'd say; "it was right there and now it's gone!"
I have had this experience closer to manifesting my dreams. I start to ask myself, 'Will this really happen?' or 'I hope nothing goes wrong'.
Earlier, I used to give in to this chatter. Start making a Plan B. Starting acting on protecting myself in case I fail.
I would even start talking differently. Where I used to talk with confidence on how it will pan out, I noticed myself substitute it with a fake indifference and a hollow confidence that I would be OK even if it failed.
And instead of holding the vision of success and intending positive experiences into being, I would start preparing for the 'doomsday' scenario.
It was no surprise how a lot of it turned out.
Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.
- Abraham-Hicks teachings
Feeling anxiety and fear so close to realization of what you want is normal when you first start to practice manifestations. I think it's because we don't know any better. And it's something that we have wanted and waited for sometime.
Its upto us to hold a vision of our success and hopefully these tips help you get there.
So here are 5 things you can do to overcome fear so close to your success:
  • Notice and catch the self-talk that stems from fear. There is a fine line between working through a potential obstacle and planning your failure.
  • Re-live the memories of when you began and visualize how you felt.
  • Remind yourself that you have already created the success. Time is just catching up to what you have already intended.
  • Do something that makes you happy - exercise, cook, read, meditate, watch a movie, write.
  • Talk to your trusted advisor - friend, family member, coach, or mentor. A positive external feed does the trick

  • About the Author: Ruby Gangadharan wrote this article, she has a lot of experience working with individuals on self esteem, self love, relationships and weight loss.She uses a unique blend of Law of Attraction and Yoga principles in her everyday life which she brings to her coaching. Her openness about her own struggles and the unconditional love that her clients receive make her a coach in high demand.
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