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Some practical thoughts on the spacious king size mattress

by Salim Galou

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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Are you in the market for a new bed? Because a good bed is both expensive and necessary to a good night's sleep, this purchase warrants more than a passing thought before you buy. There are so many types of beds on the market, you'd think it'd be an easy choice to make. Au contraire! Especially in the case of the king size mattress. This largest of mattresses has several caveats you need to think about before you buy.

The fact that there are so many choices in type and size makes it difficult to ascertain whether your first choice is the best one. When your current mattress has simply had it, or when it's still serviceable but doesn't provide you the comfort necessary for that elusive good night's sleep, you need to be aware of what motivates you in your purchase. You've got to be able to sort out the hype. For example, a mattress salesman is motivated by his commission, while you are mainly motivated by comfort and your budget.

Many people who are fed up with their mattress make the mistake of thinking that its drawbacks can be fixed by buying a bigger one. More room for your spouse's roaming legs and arms, which tend to squish you over in the corner. A king size mattress could be the answer, but you must consider the other drawbacks of your old mattress. Maybe he or she flip flops all night long because the mattress is plain uncomfortable, so your better half is simply trying to get into a more comfortable position. On the other hand, if this bed occupant has RLS, the king size mattress may be the best choice.

Next, when making a purchase you'll live with for upwards of ten years, you owe it to yourself to check out air beds, waterbeds, adjustable style beds and the conventional spring type mattresses. One person's comfort may be another's torment, so try them all.

Other important considerations when choosing a king size mattress may not come to mind until you've bought the bed. Will your bedroom size accommodate this large mattress? Take measurements of the standard king size, then lay string on the floor to show the actual footprint of your proposed new bed. If you're going to have to move out one nightstand in order to fit it in your bedroom, that's not going to work.

Assuming you're sizing up, you'll need to buy new linens, pillows, a king size bedspread and possibly skirting, if you use this accessory. Keep in mind that king size bed linens and accessories are the most expensive and that these will need replacing eventually.

However, there's no question that a king size mattress gives you more room - if not on the floor, at least on the bed. If this king of beds satisfies your room size, comfort and budget, go for the luxury it affords!

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