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Things To Think About When Buying Snap Jewelry

by Ador Talukdar

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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Snap jewelry is one of the hottest new concepts in jewelry design and it is beginning to take the world by storm. More and more jewelry designers are beginning to appreciate the amazing range of designs which can be created with this type of jewelry. However, before you start to create designs, it is important that you take the time to consider a few different things about snap jewelry.
The most important thing to consider is the snap mechanism itself. Some snap jewelry works like a snap button: the two halves are securely pressed into one another, just like the buttons which often appear on baby clothes. To take them apart, simply apply a small amount of force to both sides and pull them apart. An alternative form of snap jewelry works like a watch clasp. One side pushes through the other side, loops around and then snaps shut. If you are designing a piece of jewelry using snaps, you need to think carefully about which form of snap jewelry you want to use.
When you are buying snap jewelry, you should make sure that there are actual pictures of the products that you are looking at. Because snaps are relatively new, some people are unintentionally misselling items or purposefully misleading consumers, just to make sales. Because "snap" is a slang word which can mean cool, some sellers describe their jewelry components in this way, even if the pieces actually have nothing to do with the snap style. The most reputable online sellers will always show multiple pictures of the pieces that you are buying, so that you can see them from all angles, as well as being able to see them snapped and unsnapped.
If you are buying button push style snaps, you should consider the size of the front and back pieces. There are a few different sizes of snaps available, so you should think about what size you would like to use. Obviously, larger front pieces will not fit properly with smaller back pieces, and vice versa. If you are selling home-made designs and mentioning durability as a unique feature of the jewelry, it is best to choose a common size. Choosing a common size will allow your customers to have the highest degree of flexibility about the pieces that they can buy in future to affix to their existing jewelry.
When you are buying snap jewelry, you will also have to consider all of the normal things that you think about when you buy any other jewelry making supplies, such as color, cost per unit and shipping time. If you decide to buy wholesale, it is often easier to find pieces which have a lower cost per unit. Reputable sellers have very fast shipping times, so that you will be able to start working on your projects as soon as possible. Some companies even offer quicker shipping if you are able to pay more, although it is worth remembering that additional shipping costs increase your overall cost per unit.
About the Author: Snap jewelry is really fun and easy to work with. Once you have considered the points mentioned above, you will be ready to buy your first pieces.
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