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How To Enhance Cabochons With Smaller Beads

by Ador Talukdar

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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Cabochons are flat backed stones or items made out of other material which are either domed and polished or faceted and polished. They are normally designed to be mounted on a back piece as part of a jewelry design or as part of some other type of decorative design, for example on the frame of a mirror. Whilst cabochons can be stunning in their own right, it is very easy to enhance the beauty of these pieces even more by using glass seed beads or other small beads to decorate them with.
Glass seeds are normally the best choice, because they look most similar to small gems. Cabochons are often used because they are reminiscent of precious and semi-precious gemstones. However, there are lots of different effects that you can try to create using your beads and back pieces. You should try to choose beads that complement each other, as these will help to create a stunning look. Alternatively, metallic beads can also help to create a very elegant accent to your piece. One of the most important things to consider is the size of the beads that you choose. It is important that you choose beads which can be put down at regular intervals, without leaving any unsightly gaps or spaces.
Choose a back piece or mounting plate which is larger than the cabochon which you are planning on using. This will give you enough space to mount it and then use your additional beads to enhance it. For a project like this, it is best to use a metal back piece or metal effect back piece, as these look far more elegant than back pieces which are obviously made of plastic.
Once you have chosen all of the jewelry making supplies that you are intending on using, you will need to clean the back of the cabochons and the mounting plates to make sure that they are free from dirt and grease. Dirt and grease can affect the way that the components stick together, so it is important that you take steps to prevent this. Once the components are clean, use a tiny dot of adhesive to stick them together, and firmly hold them in place until the glue has had time to hold fast. If any excess adhesive splurges out of the sides, wipe it away before it dries.
Once the two main components are in place, you can begin the task of enhancing your design with smaller beads. The best way to do this is to completely encircle the cabochon with the smaller components. For example, red glass cabochons encircled with red glass seed beads can look like a big ruby surrounded by smaller ones. This bit can be quite fiddly, so you may need to use tweezers to help you. Use a very tiny dab of glue to stick each bead down. It is easiest to make sure that each bead sticks before you put the next one down, although this can be quite time consuming.
About the Author: Cabochons are a fantastic item to work with, because there are lots of different creative design ideas that you can try out.
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