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Keeping Jewelry Safe And Secure With Magnetic Clasps

by Ador Talukdar

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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There are a lot of different types of clasps in use in jewelry making; including lobster claws, hook and eyes, twists and magnetic clasps. Although all of these styles have their own pros and cons, many jewelry makers have their own personal preferences about what works best for them, and which styles they do not like. Many people who design jewelry with older people in mind prefer to use magnetic clasps, because they are a great way to keep jewelry safe and secure without putting the wearer at risk. Here is some information about why magnets are looked upon favorably by many jewelry makers.
Older people, or people who have less dexterous fingers can sometimes struggle with other clasp designs. In many circumstances, they will find it almost impossible to put on or take off jewelry which uses the lobster claw design, because they cannot work the mechanism properly. They either have to eschew lobster claw jewelry altogether, or choose pieces which have much larger clasps. Although jewelry with a larger finding may be easier to use, the larger finding may actually spoil the appearance of the design, because it is not as delicate looking as the wearer would like. To get around this problem, many smart jewelry designers make jewelry pieces which have magnetic clasps. The two opposing pieces of the finding are attracted to each other, and are separated by using a small amount of force in opposing directions. Rather than struggling with fiddly finger bits, all you need to do is pull the ends apart. Rather than struggling to find the area where the "hook" must slot through the "eye", the two ends of the finding "find" themselves, so long as they are in the vicinity of each other!
As some older people struggle with quicker movements and coordination, they are also more likely to get their jewelry caught on something. The beauty of this type of jewelry is that rather than breaking the jewelry, the clasp will snap apart and the jewelry will come off. This means that the jewelry should remain wearable and can be easily put back on. If the clasp did not come apart that easily, the wearer could suffer damage to their wrist or neck (or wherever else the jewelry item is being worn). Many older jewelry wearers have thinner skin which can be damaged more easily than less papery skin is, and if jewelry gets caught and pulls on the skin, it can cause very painful damage. Alternatively, the bracelet or necklace itself may snap before the (lobster claw or twist) clasp does, rendering the jewelry item useless. Choosing magnetic clasps is a great way to prevent these problems from occurring. In order for the magnets to pop apart, sufficient force is required, so you will notice that the jewelry was caught on something (and has therefore come unclasped) and is coming off. You will be able to reattach the item before it goes missing, therefore there is no need to worry about missing jewelry.
About the Author: Magnetic clasps are the perfect way to keep jewelry safe and secure for older people who still like to wear beautiful, delicate jewelry items.
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