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A Personal Review of the Andrew James Black Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill

by Stewart Haynes

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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If you're new to the concept of cooking barbecue on an electric grill, this may be a very good place to start. Andrew James is a very well known and popular manufacturer that does have a high regard for quality. On the rare occasions that a problem becomes known, they are quick to respond and have excellent customer relations.
This particular electric barbecue grill, the Black Deluxe, features a 1600 watt heating element, which, when suitably protected from cross winds will work happily outdoors as well as in your kitchen.
A very useful feature of this model is the reflector well that sits below the heating element. When filled with water the well serves two important purposes. The heating element operates in the infra red, so heat is emitted all around the circumference of the element. We are most interested in the infra red heat that we can cook with. It is important that the well is filled with water to the correct level because it not only prevents the barbecue from overheating, it also reflects some of that infra red heat back up to the food we're cooking. Any heat that is not reflected, heats the water and this in turn helps to keep the food moist. Clever thinking.
Physically this barbecue grill has:
  • variable heat adjustment
  • cooking surface 2/3 ribbed and 1/3 smooth, great for steak, but will cook eggs too.
  • large windscreen
  • 2 large side storage tables
  • a small shelf above the grill to keep cooked food warm, or for warming bread buns.
  • Easy clean non stick cooking base
  • Can be used with or without the base so can be table mounted if required.

Cleaning this barbecue is very straight forward. The cooking plate is easily lifted off, so can be either wiped down with a damp cloth, or even placed in the dishwasher if required. The heating element is really easy to remove and refit giving access to the reflector well which also doubles as a receptacle for meat juices and fats. This is very handy as after cooking the water will be hot and the suspended waste liquid, this make it ridiculously easy to clean the reflector tray.
Do remember - the AJ Black Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill must not be used without water in the tray. If you are enjoying a long summer barbecue, where the grill is kept hot for a long time you can top up the water if necessary by turning off the power and pouring water gently through the side slot in the cooking surface on the left hand side.
About the Author: The Andrew James Black Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill is mid priced in the A.J. range. It has great features and with a little care it will last a long time. The fixed manufacturers warranty is a rock solid two years but there is no reason that it should not last a lot longer than that. If you would like to see more, including video of this unit come and visit My Andrew James Review page, where you'll find this and other models.
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