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A Personal Review of the Severin Range of Electrical Barbecues and Grills

by Stewart Haynes

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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This review is specifically looking at open topped barbecuing rather than Raclette's or clamp type grills. I will be covering these in reviews that are more specific to that type of product.
The Severin range, in my opinion, is one of the top ranges available in Europe. The individual units they make are meant for much more than the 'throw away' products that are usually imported from the Far East. Not only do Severin products look very professional, they also deliver as promised. They come with a rock solid 2 year guarantee.
There are seventeen different models detailed on Severin's own web site. They come in a range of sizes, from the compact 1600 watt unit with the 37 centimetres by 23 centimetres cooking surface, to the largest model which features a beefy 2500 watts power base and an equally meaty 44.5cms by 26.5cms usable cooking area. Between the two sizes detailed there are three more that slot in nicely to give a 'stepped range' for best choice.
One of the main things to be aware of whenever buying an electric barbecue, particularly if for outdoor use, is the rated wattage of the unit. Small wattage grills, like the 1600 watt model previously mentioned, are better suited to indoor use. The reason for this is that even a small breeze will rob the grill surface of heat and increase cooking time. Again, Severin scores well here, having 2.2kw - 2.3kw and 2.5 kilowatt versions that can cope more ably with a breeze. Some Severin units arrive with their own wind shield. The unit should be rotated so that any breeze hits the windscreen first, protecting the hot grill surface.
Although it would be difficult to imagine the demise of charcoal and gas burners, many people do love the convenience of electric. This probably explains why electrical BBQ's and griddles are way outselling all other types in Europe. This is certainly true here in the UK. The attraction has to be ease of use, certainly, but additionally there is the benefit of being able to use them indoors or out, without the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Another real boon to this type of grilling is where space is limited either physically or by rules that forbid open flame cooking. This may be a veranda in an apartment block or similar. The positive heat adjustment controls will allow you to produce delicious low fat grilled meat and vegetables without the flare ups of flame and smoke commonly produced by charcoal and gas grills.
About the Author: If you would like a break from the fire and brimstone reputation of the charcoal barbecue, or the fear of the gas bottle being empty for your gas BBQ, why not take a look at Severins electrical offerings. Even a novice will find them easy to control and meat that is burnt black on the outside while the centre is raw can be put behind us. I have a blog with much more detailed information, that also contains A Video Review of one of Severin's Grills. Come and take a look.
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