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Ways to Restore Life in Old Jewelry

by Vikash Bharti

posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

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For any woman, jewelry is a very personal thing. It reflects your taste as an individual and your personality. Do you know even jewelry speaks. It has the power to communicate without having to speak. Sometimes, after taking real good care of your jewelry, it gets worn out with time. These pieces of jewelry are so dear to you that they have become a part of you. Getting rid of them seems almost impossible. There are ways in which you can restore life in old jewelry. Have a look:
1) Add some sparkle - Transform your old jewelry into new by simply adding some sparkle. Transform the jewel setting and bring it back to life. Upgrade your diamond ring with a larger diamond or add in sparkly gemstones. On your anniversary, surprise her by adding a bigger solitaire and let her know how your love has only increased with time. Adding shiny gemstones is an instant way to add shine or restore life in old jewelry.
2) Color - You have a silver metal jewelry with a black stone setting. Why not plate it in gold tone and have a new jewelry altogether? Changing the color of the stone used or simply the metal is an instant way to bring life into that old piece of jewelry. At times, we think that this particular metal suits us and are not very experimental with the other metals. Let go of those inhibitions. You can refurbish the gemstones and add in a different colored gemstone.
3) Create new - Tired of wearing your old jewelry the old way? Jazz it up with colors. If your old jewelry has green stones, add a sassy twist to it by putting in some red stones. You have a ring and some loose studs all over the place, then fix them all together and add a chain to it. There you have a new pendant! Somebody gifted you a pearl necklace and you are not too fond of wearing it because that looks very granny. Instead, turn it into a bracelet or earrings. Get creative with your old jewelry and transform into something that no one could have ever thought of. Create something new and unique. Turn your ring into a pendant, necklace into earrings or bracelets or even into an anklet. There are no limitations to creativity.
Bringing life into an old piece of jewelry can be as exciting as it was buying it. But before you go ahead with refurbishing, make sure that it needs repairs and is not some old junk. When jewelry goes beyond repair then it is better to just discard. No matter how hard it is. But if it is something that is making your skin turn green then you should definitely just get rid of it right now. If it is piece that you cannot throw or is an heirloom then you can ask your loved ones if you can transform it or if it is not possible then you can keep it tucked into your jewelry box.
About the Author: Hello dear,
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