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Tips on How to Lessen Acne Scars - Scar Tissue Treatment Methods

by Carol Frunji

posted in Health and Fitness : Skin Care

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Removal of scar tissues on the face is a typical issue among teenagers and adults. Pimple scars are not just facial blemishes, but causes of social withdrawal and depression. Here's techniques and tips on how to reduce acne scars. Just be sure to consult your cosmetic dermatologist if the tactic is applicable to the severity of your pimples and scarring.

Chemical peeling, the 1st method, is popular for its efficiency and non-invasive treatment. It uses solutions which range from mild to strong. These solutions include glycolic, salicylic and TCA acids. Acid peeling works by "corroding" the scar-affected outer layers of the face.

The next from the popular tips on how to reduce acne scars is to undergo Dermabrasion. Basically, cosmetic surgeons perform Dermabrasion with a rotating wheel with abrasive texture. In earlier times, a fine variety of sand paper is used. The treatment removes layers of the scar. This naturally produces scabs which will peel off later on.

As Dermabrasion is refined through the years, dermatologists have developed microdermabrasion. This method uses a suction tube, and it will blast fine abrasive crystals on affected areas on the face. This method is gentler and it yields faster results—without redness and pain.

Lastly, whichever treatment is chosen, the tips on how to reduce acne scars include taking proper diet and food supplements. Plenty of water, lemon juice, and avoiding oily foods can enhance the shedding of dead skin cells. Vitamins C and E, then again, can promote the growth of fresh skin cells to replace the scars.

Do you want to quickly eradicate your ugly scars and finally have that Scar-Free skin you have always wanted to have? If yes, then I recommend you use the tactics recommended in the: Scar Solution Book.

Click on this link ==> Scar Solution Book, to read more about this Natural Scar Elimination Guide and see how it's been helping 1000s of people round the world, to efficiently treat all their scars enabling them to have a clear skin tone.

About the Author:

Effective ways and tips to get rid of scars the scar solution. Tips for getting rid of all your unattractive scars, the scar solution quick review. Some of the Excellent natural treatments for scars, scar removal products

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